Wordbrain Zombie Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Here are the answers to Zombie Level 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. Solutions for other Wordbrain packs can be found at our homepage.
Level 1 – vitamin, process, assert, servant, climate, regulate, homeless, absolute, pocket
Level 2 – salute, creative, shooting, historic, antenna, thousand, timing, outside, people
Level 3 – employer, tobacco, winner, activity, helpful, movement, reporter, prescription
Level 4 – ministry, escape, capacity, charity, bottom, vision, partner, barrel, prosecutor
Level 5 – define, thought, teardrop, vampire, forever, herself, absence, eastern, survivor
Level 6 – athletic, extent, veteran, shopping, primary, repeat, strain, element, recording
Level 7 – colonial, relative, dominate, rooster, monopoly, coconut, content, preparation
Level 8 – remember, economic, insight, regard, reveal, scholar, answer, autonomy, distance
Level 9 – assembly, medicine, multiple, compare, banking, unlikely, creature, particular
Level 10 – infant, minority, extend, reality, pattern, village, church, others, controversy
Level 11 – breach, believe, lawyer, universe, setting, gesture, version, mutual, collective
Level 12 – breast, promise, liberal, midnight, snowman, invasion, person, sanction, routine
Level 13 – trainer, mixture, strongly, emotion, suddenly, supply, doctrine, contain, doctor
Level 14 – dinner, salary, friend, leaflet, jacket, subsidy, fifteen, European, consumption
Level 15 – cluster, cookie, support, fantasy, device, portrait, ambition, yellow, dimension
Level 16 – moment, fairly, theory, curtain, chicken, twelve, mushroom, diamond, environment
Level 17 – emission, bridge, junior, mortgage, painting, thanks, Congress, molecule, method
Level 18 – killing, guardian, justice, require, arrival, detect, compete, scenario, cyclops
Level 19 – gently, priest, scream, surprise, senator, detailed, beyond, Olympic, subsequent
Level 20 – actual, yourself, shallow, database, criteria, arrest, silence, normal, diagonal


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