Wordbrain Yeti Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Yeti pack level 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. Check cheats to other tough packs like Bigfoot here.
Level 1 – Ministry, Protest, Modest, Receipt, Beside, Tragedy, Deliver, Reality, Scientist
Level 2 – Toward, Computer, Consumer, Remind, Valuable, Loyalty, Wealthy, Minority, Toilet
Level 3 – Helpful, Religion, Regulate, Chapter, Detailed, Champion, Dinner, Construction
Level 4 – Profit, Growing, Compose, Activist, Oppose, Window, Behavior, Carriage, Movement
Level 5 – Butter, Arrival, Average, Examine, Shopping, Criminal, Downtown, Handful, Gifted
Level 6 – Vacation, Spread, Visible, Formal, Scandal, Interval, Remember, Ultimate, Orange
Level 7 – Apparent, Against, Research, Confirm, Leading, Refugee, Consider, Intelligence
Level 8 – Affect, Collapse, Threat, Teacher, Reflect, Sustain, Differ, Bedroom, Employment
Level 9 – Injury, Graduate, Multiple, Operate, Together, Stimulus, Treasury, Consumption
Level 10 – Signal, Entrance, Tendency, Predict, Prospect, Careful, Ambition, Independence
Level 11 – Pavement, Besides, Particle, Announce, Breast, Result, Courage, Delight, Veteran
Level 12 – Economic, Curtain, Square, Castle, Player, Mistake, Entirely, Universe, Cultural
Level 13 – Search, Empire, Athlete, Review, Finger, Slightly, Various, Collect, Observation
Level 14 – Palace, Region, Mortgage, Asleep, Please, Property, Alliance, Process, Difficult
Level 15 – Prevent, Itself, Daughter, Possible, Concern, Confront, Likely, Shadow, Although
Level 16 – Distant, Olympic, Symbol, Import, Function, Overall, Literary, Thanks, Naturally
Level 17 – Sequence, Symbolic, Homeless, Testing, Setting, Observer, Instinct, Percentage
Level 18 – Attack, Provider, Protein, Estimate, Appendix, Desire, Disaster, Utility, Avenue
Level 19 – Museum, Overcome, Mixture, Leader, Memory, Medicine, Company, Producer, Physical
Level 20 – Jacket, Largely, Propose, Scheme, Standing, Document, Deposit, Artistic, Passion


  1. I have all the words for yeti level 15 but cannot get them input in the correct order to complete the puzzle. There’s always 1 letter out of place at the end. So frustrating. Any step by step info??

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