Wordbrain Wizard Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Here are the updated solutions to Wizard levels 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough
Level 1 – tweezers, transfer, quality, cereal, African, someone, survive, multiple, kitten
Level 2 – wonder, overall, delight, cannon, timing, vehicle, French, either, shadow, visible
Level 3 – choice, extent, provider, breath, avenue, address, people, teaspoon, immigration
Level 4 – glance, business, ultimate, somebody, continue, believe, reality, headquarters
Level 5 – appoint, activity, triumph, spectrum, complete, insist, gather, violent, propose
Level 6 – question, unable, chemical, anyway, somehow, educate, command, special, casualty
Level 7 – female, painful, popular, overlap, training, decision, hundred, teapot, pregnant
Level 8 – modern, estimate, stripe, supreme, everyone, priority, breathe, dealer, analysis
Level 9 – examine, fighting, rubbish, perceive, trader, single, withdraw, assault, kitchen
Level 10 – position, criminal, cupboard, barbell, conclude, product, rabbit, increasingly
Level 11 – chamber, curtain, always, document, heading, slippers, arrest, stomach, dividend
Level 12 – research, treaty, paddle, supposed, result, supplier, advocate, shopping, tenant
Level 13 – southern, conduct, ambition, analyst, pretty, figure, stinger, forever, contract
Level 14 – princess, stretch, season, formula, arrange, currency, practice, interval, raise
Level 15 – pancake, script, earring, emission, corridor, spread, ongoing, thinking, whereas
Level 16 – remain, artist, reaction, energy, whisper, resist, holding, policy, intervention
Level 17 – growth, weather, preserve, direct, monitor, network, engine, vampire, proportion
Level 18 – compass, pretend, loyalty, scheme, soccer, republic, working, discount, familiar
Level 19 – museum, afford, respect, number, innocent, session, normally, despite, Christmas
Level 20 – closely, person, internal, theory, schedule, embrace, resource, emphasis, carpet

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  1. Wizard Answers:

    Level 1
    Tweezers, Transfer, Quality, Cereal, African, Someone, Survive, Multiple, Kitten

    Level 2
    Wonder, Overall, Delight, Cannon, Timing, Vehicle, French, Either, Shadow, Visible

    Level 3
    Choice, Extent, Provider, Breath, Avenue, Address, People, Teaspoon, Immigration

    Level 4
    Glance, business, Ultimate, Somebody, Continue, Believe, Reality, Headquarters

    Level 5
    Appoint, Activity, Triumph, Spectrum, Complete, Insist, Gather, Violent, Propose

    Level 6
    Question, Unable, Chemical, Anyway, Somehow, Educate, Command, Special, Casualty

    Level 7
    Female, Painful, Popular, Overlap, Training, Decision, Hundred, Teapot, Pregnant

    Level 8
    Modern, Estimate, Stripe, Supreme, Everyone, Priority, Breathe, Dealer, Analysis

    Level 9
    Examine, Fighting, Rubbish, Perceive, Trader, Single, Withdraw, Assault, Kitchen

    Level 10
    Position, Criminal, Cupboard, Barbell, Conclude, Product, Rabbit, Increasingly

    Level 11
    Chamber, Curtain, Always, Document, Heading, Slippers, Arrest, Stomach, Dividend

    Level 12
    Research, Treaty, Paddle, Supposed, Result, Supplier, Advocate, Shopping, Tenant

    Level 13
    Southern, Conduct, Ambition, Analyst, Pretty, Figure, Stinger, Forever, Contract

    Level 14
    Princess, Stretch, Season, Formula, Arrange, Currency, Practice, Interval, Raise

    Level 15
    Pancake, Script, Earring, Emission, Corridor, Spread, Ongoing, Thinking, Whereas

    Level 16
    Remain, Artist, Reaction, Energy, Whisper, Resist, Holding, Policy, Intervention

    Level 17
    Growth, weather, Preserve, Direct, Monitor, Network, Engine, Vampire, Proportion

    Level 18
    Compass, Pretend, Loyalty, Scheme, Soccer, Republic, Working, Discount, Familiar

    Level 19
    Museum, Afford, Respect, Number, Innocent, Session, Normally, Despite, Christmas

    Level, 20
    Closely, person, Internal, Theory, Schedule, Embrace, Resource, Emphasis, Carpet

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