Wordbrain Witch Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to With Levels 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. Need help with other packs, check our https://wordbrainsolver.com/ page.
Level 1 – actually, boundary, serious, follow, defense, approach, shooting, distribution
Level 2 – chairman, oxygen, assure, market, flight, producer, relative, fighter, primarily
Level 3 – earnings, marriage, solution, jacket, tomato, entrance, icicle, reality, service
Level 4 – course, trainer, whenever, appear, United, export, signal, status, tonight, mother
Level 5 – action, design, defender, electric, recover, complex, wander, question, database
Level 6 – narrow, vessel, format, advocate, citizen, operator, science, oppose, successful
Level 7 – budget, output, somewhat, active, eastern, woodpile, landing, saving, nomination
Level 8 – prospect, priority, benefit, speech, criminal, collect, fragment, psychologist
Level 9 – scooter, cucumber, threaten, pliers, generate, become, increase, gather, removal
Level 10 – accurate, charter, routine, scandal, stance, minority, extend, together, silence
Level 11 – athletic, winner, episode, airline, option, grammar, national, venture, fighting
Level 12 – career, testify, entity, withdraw, although, lecture, southern, hammer, survival
Level 13 – health, shovel, mittens, around, summit, myself, attitude, stairs, district, pound
Level 14 – hardware, mineral, module, creation, strong, bottom, listen, writing, hypothesis
Level 15 – holiday, rapidly, overbite, separate, consent, sustain, military, manufacturer
Level 16 – aspect, taxpayer, engine, tissue, within, effect, delight, opposite, insecticide
Level 17 – sergeant, suggest, strange, bronze, capture, dividend, security, collapse, tight
Level 18 – despite, adviser, strength, baseball, purchase, visual, factor, minute, dominant
Level 19 – presence, agenda, request, stilts, audience, island, formal, rabbit, significant
Level 20 – quarter, grenade, academic, transfer, assault, literary, disaster, recognition


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