Wordbrain Walrus Answers and Cheats [Updated 2022]


Here are the answers to Wordbrain Walrus puzzles. There are 20 levels in this puzzle, it’s one of the most difficult puzzles and we have put in lot of efforts to solve them. We will be adding video walkthrough to every level shortly.
Level 1 – Anybody, Fourth, Mushroom, Estate, Workshop, Padlock, Baseball, Daughter, Twelve
Level 2 – Teenager, Relevant, Appoint, Embrace, Hardware, Unicycle, Strength, Resistance
Level 3 – Opposite, Destroy, Forest, Coconut, Ceiling, Stairs, Marriage, Finger, Pollution
Level 4 – Standing, Directly, Comment, Unusual, Director, Author, Summer, Breast, Champion
Level 5 – Withdraw, Admire, Dinner, Guilty, Compete, Spinach, Example, Windmill, Discovery
Level 6 – Recovery, Vacation, Catholic, Choose, Couple, Equation, Incident, Frankincense
Level 7 – Heading, Number, Loyalty, Behind, Reward, Company, Phrase, Publish, Immeasurable
Level 8 – Golden, Colony, Fifteen, Careful, Exchange, Software, Violate, Remind, Community
Level 9 – Danger, Taxpayer, Relation, Define, Chamber, Willing, Doctor, Install, Backfired
Level 10 – Therapy, Border, Election, Illness, College, Sequence, Educator, Shelter, Remote
Level 11 – Anywhere, Recruit, Suddenly, Confirm, Category, Chemical, Yourself, Obligation
Level 12 – Lovely, Spending, Kitten, Witness, Because, Fighting, Haystack, Meadow, Disagree
Level 13 – Payment, Adjust, Volcano, Quality, Western, Scooter, Junction, Entrance, Operate
Level 14 – Remove, Beauty, Stinger, Pocket, Elephant, Dramatic, Dealer, Mineral, Absolutely
Level 15 – Offender, Century, Assess, Sausage, Dominate, Persuade, Soccer, Exciting, Aspect
Level 16 – Mention, Undergo, Squeeze, Length, Assist, Interval, Attempt, Correct, Certainly
Level 17 – Innocent, Examine, Rarely, Charge, Boundary, Whereas, Depend, Existing, Absolute
Level 18 – Clinic, Overall, Delivery, Button, Advanced, Original, Problem, Function, Turkey
Level 19 – French, Equally, Highway, Supply, Earnings, Frequent, Really, Cyclops, Variation
Level 20 – Although, Specific, Ministry, Method, Landlord, Extent, Approach, Cumulonimbus

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