Wordbrain Vampire Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Here are the answers to Vampire Level 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. Need help with Martian pack, check our page for solutions.
Level 1 – percent, request, decision, interest, clothes, killer, native, cottage, dynamite
Level 2 – separate, contrast, ambition, typical, talent, monitor, depend, within, molecule
Level 3 – lovely, assign, fourth, founder, toaster, question, employer, mortgage, junction
Level 4 – positive, perform, graduate, addition, tunnel, deserve, practice, headquarters
Level 5 – delivery, reform, cinema, suggest, capacity, mission, baseball, volume, enormous
Level 6 – minister, position, dominate, trouble, senior, affect, defend, adjust, criticism
Level 7 – satisfy, meeting, mittens, operator, favorite, average, governor, relationship
Level 8 – result, withdraw, needle, really, actual, fortune, collect, defeat, distribution
Level 9 – presence, Indian, exceed, dramatic, exciting, manager, almost, dividend, helpful
Level 10 – relief, insect, insist, pancake, change, because, observer, prompt, surprisingly
Level 11 – holder, button, adequate, tennis, galaxy, channel, planning, ladder, independent
Level 12 – apparent, powerful, return, equally, language, entirely, fellow, destroy, butter
Level 13 – twelve, horror, gather, versus, crisis, stomach, pressure, little, courage, profit
Level 14 – describe, observe, mosquito, specific, intend, advocate, bronze, provider, prism
Level 15 – closer, northern, largely, instinct, avenue, particle, inquiry, movement, recall
Level 16 – announce, league, curtain, protect, engine, location, trader, butcher, encounter
Level 17 – empire, honest, directly, persuade, silver, always, overall, remark, mathematics
Level 18 – notion, around, brother, remember, second, density, autonomy, stance, distribute
Level 19 – animal, derive, farmer, shadow, glance, section, imagine, occasion, significance
Level 20 – criteria, leisure, credit, emotion, everyday, kitchen, outline, improve, compete


  1. I am stuck on Vampire Level 7
    The layout of the letters are different to those shown on your page. I can find all the words except unable to complete the last word and WordBrain says I’m stuck! I’ve tried to find multiple ways to complete the words but consistently failing to make the last word. It’s RELATIONSHIP but I can find a way to complete it!

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