Wordbrain Unicorn Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Unicorn level 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. Check our Wordbrain cheats page to find solutions for all the packs.
Level 1 – Temple, Muscle, Path, Mountain, Screw, Hook, Vertical, Scooter, Stop, Tongue, Cat, Jam
Level 2 – Anchor, Egg, Vampire, Shorts, Cake, Celery, Magnet, Football, Napkin, Robot, Well, Box
Level 3 – Sausage, Tomato, Deep, Nail, Crack, Whisper, Middle, Launch, Pear, Cashier, Jug, Purse
Level 4 – Antenna, Barn, Cap, Patch, Iceberg, Dinosaur, Scales, Lighter, Female, Crow, Left, Elk
Level 5 – Cupboard, Comb, Rocket, Century, Pigsty, Carrot, Tooth, Card, Chain, Lollipop, Shoes
Level 6 – Ladder, Belt, Cyclops, Toaster, Sun, Skis, Curtain, Stern, Knife, Turkey, Cabbage, Bag
Level 7 – Picture, Safe, Flag, Ghost, Rooster, Pliers, Brush, Bacon, Multiply, Doorbell, Smell
Level 8 – Sword, Tail, Spray, Balls, Ship, Buckle, Medal, Game, Finger, South, Target, Yacht, Oval
Level 9 – Whisper, Plum, Cream, Ferry, Painter, Dice, Fork, Angle, Record, Floor, Loop, Windmill
Level 10 – Earth, Swan, Shin, Barrel, Knuckle, Kitchen, Glass, Tea, Mail, File, Chicken, Arrow, Sad
Level 11 – Joker, Raincoat, Grass, Pump, Suitcase, Dart, Bathroom, District, Cucumber, Shorts
Level 12 – Waffle, Jacket, Window, Meadow, Slippers, Talk, Shoulder, Diagonal, Field, Balloon
Level 13 – Chimney, Lava, Camera, Grapes, Customer, Face, Divide, Trombone, Monster, Wolf, Moth
Level 14 – Wing, Board, Knee, Scarf, Painter, Pen, Whale, Lantern, Japan, String, Mosquito, Olive
Level 15 – Haystack, Glue, Lamp, Magnet, Purse, Sail, Bedroom, Exposure, Teapot, Postcard, Sink
Level 16 – Edge, Butter, Sword, Cereal, Helmet, Launch, Book, Block, Kitten, Chair, Dress, Hammer
Level 17 – Paint, Pyramid, Shout, Jar, Tooth, Eagle, Drink, Wheel, Tie, Cucumber, Maze, Music, Pipe
Level 18 – Rabbit, Whistle, Feather, Scales, Cube, Castle, Eat, Soap, Cow, Crab, Mouse, Bomb, Mouth
Level 19 – Thumb, Shout, Visitor, Door, Boots, Vampire, Fruit, Zipper, Stripe, Coconut, Deep, Bee
Level 20 – Face, Moss, Question, Hen, Smell, Steak, Partner, Pepper, Missile, Scale, Witch, Shirt


  1. I’ve been working on finishing wordbrain for about a year, I got to unicorn level which was second to last. I was 95 percent done then I picked up the puzzle today and they added 3 more levels making me 86 percent done! Why the F$& did they do that I’m so frustrated that I’m quitting wordbrain and will tell anyone who wants to play it’s not worth it

  2. unicorn level 9 supposedly contains “blouse”. However the only letters left after solving all but cherry and blouse are ngiimt and cherry. I’m stumped on what ngiimt can possibly spell. (Certainly, not blouse!) I’ve tried every combo I can and nothing makes a legitimate word.

  3. Unicorn #11 – the words are joker, raincoat, grass, pump, suitcase, dart, bathroom, district (not elevator), cucumber and shorts. Cannot complete puzzle words suitcase, bathroom, cucumber and district. Please correct puzzle to which ever one it should be.

  4. HELP!! I am stuck on #11. The header letters on my puzzle are different – SASRASMC. The words are joker, raincoat, grass, pump, dart, shorts, suitcase, bathroom, cucumber and district. I can get thru shorts but then I’m stuck and can’t get the last 4 eight letter words. The letters are all there but not in an order where you can make words. Had anyone solved this yet? Please help!!!

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