Wordbrain Troll Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Troll Levels 1 to 20 with step by step video. Ogre is one of the most difficult level pack, if you need help check the link.
Level 1 – evolve, instead, teenager, explore, powder, towards, heavily, billion, authority
Level 2 – dominant, business, official, treasury, fabric, history, overlap, presentation
Level 3 – stripe, address, terrible, ensure, sentence, cyclops, reaction, extent, original
Level 4 – industry, citizen, valuable, obtain, series, corner, opponent, curtain, shortage
Level 5 – appear, reform, yourself, thought, reflect, vacation, grenade, before, perfectly
Level 6 – feeling, behavior, infant, mountain, asleep, failure, guardian, pirate, landlord
Level 7 – channel, common, domain, wisdom, standard, design, remember, declare, reasonable
Level 8 – security, express, currency, science, military, constant, receipt, quarterback
Level 9 – morning, perform, pocket, describe, summer, cannon, merchant, African, inflation
Level 10 – pumpkin, changing, evidence, quietly, charity, planet, notion, emotion, advocate
Level 11 – carriage, disposal, seminar, appendix, temple, parking, formal, stomach, version
Level 12 – expand, doghouse, number, attach, system, Congress, native, tricycle, girlfriend
Level 13 – roughly, computer, headline, freedom, double, tendency, actually, characterize
Level 14 – suggest, plastic, dentist, particle, sister, defend, activist, English, cemetery
Level 15 – member, fraction, contain, organic, Indian, straight, trustee, install, identify
Level 16 – contract, multiple, weakness, dismiss, chemical, ministry, cousin, responsible
Level 17 – diamond, scenario, clothing, suddenly, library, decision, habitat, restriction
Level 18 – elephant, birthday, bridge, finger, nuclear, wedding, opposite, chimney, outcome
Level 19 – zodiac, alliance, printer, severe, cereal, strategy, project, Internet, customer
Level 20 – operator, method, potato, journey, button, accuse, assembly, gesture, legitimate


      • Level 3
        First word is Stripe located on right hand side Column
        2nd word is Address use ADDRES then select the last S to the lift located under S beside A
        3rd word is Terrible located on the right hand side Use E above L under R
        4th word is Ensure start with E at the bottom next to O then up to N then right to S then right to U then R under T then E under C next to G
        5th word is Sentence start with S in the middle T & E then down to E then left to N then up to T under Y then E above S then up to the right to N then C under N the E next to N
        Now the grid should be divided you should be fine after that
        The left side for the words Cyclops and Original and the right side for Reaction and extent

        Hope that will help

  1. Let’s start
    First four Words (Channel , Common, Domain and Wisdom) Straight forward
    Fifth word is “Standard” use first S on the lift hand side then up T,A,N then up to D then A up right then R above E then D above R
    The Six word is “Design” on the left hand side straight forward
    The seven word is “Remember” start with ” R” above N under E then E under A then up right to M above R then E over M then M to the left then B to the left above E then E under L over M then R top lift hand corner
    The eight word is Declare DEC is located on left right corner then L under E Then A under L Then R under A Then E under S
    The nine word is Reasonable it should work for you

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