Wordbrain Tiger Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Here are the answers to Wordbrain Tiger level, we have added hints for each of the level to make searching through them easy. You can check out solutions to other levels at out Wordbrain Answers page.
Level 1 – Although, Command, Dispute, Energy, Except, Zodiac, Extent, Election, Completely
Level 2 – Quality, Spread, Branch, Benefit, Pliers, Carrot, Ability, Letter, Factory, Makeup
Level 3 – Possibly, Threaten, Temple, Disagree, Platform, Shelter, Series, Suitcase, Unity
Level 4 – Cluster, Cherry, Reaction, Mexican, Pretty, Heavily, Teapot, Either, Alternative
Level 5 – Drawing, Distinct, Greatest, Exercise, Supposed, Complete, Maintain, Marketing
Level 6 – Clinical, Beyond, Genetic, Advocate, Funding, Producer, Hardware, Circumstance
Level 7 – Bishop, Bridge, Should, Heaven, Complain, Aspect, Retain, Doctor, Handle, Organize
Level 8 – Parish, Senate, Locate, Monopoly, Haystack, Mission, Carpet, Mother, Cooperation
Level 9 – phere, Properly, Morning, Violate, Digital, Curtain, Convince, Secure, Announce
Level 10 – Flight, Behavior, Search, Double, Various, Corridor, Minimum, Peasant, Spokesman
Level 11 – Midnight, offender, warmth, athletic, indian, slowly, mosquito, whenever, winter
Level 12 – Absolute, Symptom, Someone, Interval, Cooking, Regional, Plastic, Psychologist
Level 13 – Wealth, Toilet, Colonel, Standing, Trainer, Anywhere, Finger, Glance, Technology
Level 14 – Wonder, Contact, Problem, Custom, Restor, Ancient, Chamber, Father, Measurement
Level 15 – Deliver, Chairman, Presence, Variable, Hungry, Promote, Trader, Saddle, Sympathy
Level 16 – Overbite, Launch, Divore, Admire, Permit, Resist, Register, Throat, Association
Level 17 – Family, Cottage, Arrive, Agenda, Relation, Tunnel, Survival, Screen, Interaction
Level 18 – Decrease, Shortage, Democrat, Innocent, Republic, African, Stranger, Religious
Level 19 – Testing, Proceed, Location, Advance, Supply, Iceberg, Customer, Dining, Turnover
Level 20 – Freedom, Accurate, English, Shield, Annual, Operator, Whistle, Overlook, Printer

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