Wordbrain 2 Winner Weather Answers


These are the updated answers of 2019 to Wordbrain 2 Weather (Word Winner 7×8)
Wordbrain 2 Weather Level 1 – Thunderstorm, Wind, Mist, Humidity, Breeze, Kelvin, Gale, Haze, Rain, Snow
Wordbrain 2 Weather Level 2 – Sunny, Freeze, Glaze, Monsoon, Lightning, Overcast, Heat, Tornado, Flood
Wordbrain 2 Weather Level 3 – Precipitation, Fahrenheit, Forecast, Drought, Hurricane, Snowstorm
Wordbrain 2 Weather Level 4 – Typhoon, Frost, Umbrella, Muggy, Thermometer, Cyclone, Sandstorm, Smog
Wordbrain 2 Weather Level 5 – Sunshine, Whiteout, Raindrop, Meteorologist, Wind, Celsius, Cloud, Air

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  1. Level 1: thunderstorm wind mist humidity isobar kelvin gale haze rain snow
    Level 2: sunny freeze glaze monsoon lightning overcast heat tornado flood
    Level 3: precipitation fahrenheit forecast drought hurricane snowstorm
    Level 4: typhoon virga umbrella muggy thermometer cyclone sandstorm smog
    Level 5: sunshine whiteout raindrop meteorologist wind celsius cloud air

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