Wordbrain 2 Savant Literature Answers


These are the updated answers to Wordbrain 2 Literature (Word Savant 6×7)
Wordbrain 2 Literature Level 1 – Sonnet, Chapter, Author, Fantasy, Quote, Writing, Poet
Wordbrain 2 Literature Level 2 – Edition, Mystery, Fiction, Protagonist, Genre, Essay
Wordbrain 2 Literature Level 3 – Prose, Journal, Bookmark, Romance, Review, Text, Print
Wordbrain 2 Literature Level 4 – Novella, Writer, Sentence, Phrase, Drama, Memoir, Hero
Wordbrain 2 Literature Level 5 – Thriller, Reader, Language, Reading, Comedy, Passage


  1. I’ve enjoyed playing your game but seriously the fact that you don’t have any help when the puzzle gets too mind blowing is flustrating. Your help through cheats doesn’t let you access any answers or hints at ALL. Just a bunch of adds.
    It’s a good game but it is just a game…. at times everyone needs a little help.

  2. Help. Trying to solve word brain themes virtuoso level 5 tv
    Most of the answers and YouTube has level 5 but my puzzle has “live” as one of the answers is not “show”. The YouTube is totally different from my puzzle

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