Wordbrain 2 Research Answers


These are the updated answers of 2019 to Wordbrain 2 Research (Word Jedi 7×7)
Wordbrain 2 Research Level 1 – Division, Archive, Pi, Fact, Delta, Latin, Scan, Omega, Discovery
Wordbrain 2 Research Level 2 – Paper, Equation, Report, Law, Observe, Tesla, Lab, Formula, Flask
Wordbrain 2 Research Level 3 – Funnel, Brain, Control, Logic, Doctor, Improvement, Length, Ohm
Wordbrain 2 Research Level 4 – Volume, Iteration, Molecule, Gene, Atom, Sum, Mass, Physics, Test
Wordbrain 2 Research Level 5 – Fossil, Biology, School, Data, Student, Newton, Professor, Cell


  1. In your puzzle for Wordbrain 2 Word Jedi, research level 1 you have an incorrect answer. I tried to send a letter after the answer section but it would not accept my CAPTCHA answer (which whould be 27 – nine + 18 -) The answer that is incorrect is math, it should be SCAN. In both sections of your answers, the written word and the beginning and ending letter, both have the incorrect answer. Very frustrating especially when I tried to write in and the captcha answer is also incorrect! Please correct this puzzle for future users.

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