Wordbrain 2 Prodigy Travel Answers


These are the updated answers to Wordbrain 2 Travel (Word Prodigy 6×6)
Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 1 – Festival, Souvenir, Suitcase, Resort, Abroad
Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 2 – Globetrotter, Fly, Voyage, Ship, Beach, Ticket
Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 3 – Baggage, Passport, Hostel, Leisure, Guest, Car
Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 4 – Train, Sightseeing, Countryside, Safari, Bus
Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 5 – Railway, Luggage, Shuttle, Airport, Location

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  1. Help!! ?? I’ve had to start from the beginning again because I have a new phone, I’m stuck on Word Prodigy level 1 and I’m out of hints..I’ve checked and it says the first word is Airplane, but I don’t have those letters!! It seems my words are different to the puzzle helper… Can anyone help me please?? Xxx

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