Wordbrain 2 Fashion Answers


These are the updated answers to Wordbrain 2 Fashion (Word Whizz 6×6)
Wordbrain 2 Fashion Level 1 – Catwalk, Designer, Expensive, Season, Runway
Wordbrain 2 Fashion Level 2 – Attitude, Creativity, Expression, Style, Art
Wordbrain 2 Fashion Level 3 – Design, Vogue, Imagination, Diva, Milan, Paris
Wordbrain 2 Fashion Level 4 – Magazine, Model, Photoshoot, Flash, Woman, Man
Wordbrain 2 Fashion Level 5 – Exclusive, Fabulous, Clothes, Trend, Vintage

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  1. Hi,. Love the game!
    I am stuck on fashion,level 4, Wordbrain 2. No matter what word I choose nothing falls in for photoshoot. The last o is on the top left corner. My puzzle is not set up as the one on the video. At all.
    Please help!

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