Wordbrain Robot Zombie Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Here are the answers to Minotaur Level 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. Check our Wordbrain Cheats and answers page for solutions to all the packs.
Level 1 – infant, decline, tissue, cultural, accuse, passion, capable, highly, educational
Level 2 – whether, penalty, fabric, besides, shower, doorway, musical, radical, electronic
Level 3 – survival, athlete, advanced, figure, impress, probably, trophy, publicly, player
Level 4 – church, salary, landlord, effect, scheme, anyway, Italian, session, particularly
Level 5 – clearly, detailed, genetic, concert, acquire, suspect, normal, complain, padlock
Level 6 – chicken, current, specimen, manage, billion, scream, central, crucial, insurance
Level 7 – support, strategy, extend, holding, patient, argument, ancient, educate, beneath
Level 8 – corridor, friend, evolve, violence, customer, snorkel, contract, exhibit, bother
Level 9 – accurate, perceive, equity, sequence, threaten, equation, benefit, grandmother
Level 10 – analyze, haystack, device, policy, duration, breast, response, charge, spiritual
Level 11 – remote, football, servant, partner, dismiss, barrier, faculty, conflict, declare
Level 12 – triplets, blanket, picture, birthday, summit, painting, proper, interval, copper
Level 13 – aerial, admire, unlike, chapter, access, wisdom, guardian, between, professional
Level 14 – mirror, chemical, appendix, confirm, producer, golden, coverage, security, cheap
Level 15 – traffic, casualty, scenario, realize, elephant, origin, violate, identify, exact
Level 16 – hunting, secret, report, garage, receiver, horizon, director, carpet, previously
Level 17 – number, rating, afford, existing, border, Internet, insight, variable, education
Level 18 – surface, latter, opponent, factor, despite, battle, taxation, facility, overcome
Level 19 – somehow, fifteen, prisoner, diagram, divide, shortage, friendly, weight, protest
Level 20 – context, cemetery, answer, midnight, invite, railway, steady, pocket, television


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