Wordbrain Reaper Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Reaper Level pack 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. If you are stuck in any other pack check out our Wordbrain cheats page.
Level 1 – somewhat, cupboard, speaker, vendor, engage, mostly, versus, Easter, quarterback
Level 2 – phrase, climate, creditor, recover, worried, anxiety, project, tourist, evaluate
Level 3 – romantic, branch, factor, anymore, darkness, zipper, survivor, obtain, disappear
Level 4 – justice, visible, normally, extreme, leaflet, server, entrance, distance, infant
Level 5 – headline, ideology, holder, pursue, mystery, relative, entity, street, household
Level 6 – rocket, gently, forever, guitar, facility, service, scholar, closer, immigration
Level 7 – distinct, legend, baseball, invest, agenda, initial, cabbage, recovery, movement
Level 8 – reality, driver, brother, Senate, normal, galaxy, decrease, follow, surprisingly
Level 9 – package, operate, during, approach, identity, weakness, concrete, photographer
Level 10 – locate, domain, yourself, reward, spectrum, parent, criteria, threat, phenomenon
Level 11 – support, upstairs, tomorrow, builder, emotion, monster, preserve, intervention
Level 12 – surround, continue, elephant, entirely, cookie, refusal, nature, progress, blind
Level 13 – national, database, accurate, supplier, circle, inspire, advocate, mathematics
Level 14 – fighting, afford, chapter, operator, easily, complex, collect, theory, technical
Level 15 – railway, unique, remember, overall, replace, witness, exceed, occupy, politician
Level 16 – painter, county, cucumber, import, reporter, argument, expect, wooden, secretary
Level 17 – protein, vehicle, chance, family, negative, promote, guilty, universe, complaint
Level 18 – weekly, document, ordinary, notion, religion, soldier, island, online, beautiful
Level 19 – servant, computer, avenue, filter, liberty, summary, shovel, aerial, cooperation
Level 20 – numerous, neither, discount, prospect, lovely, relevant, unable, portrait, organ


  1. Reaper Level 1
    Somewhat, Cupboard, Speaker, Vendor, Engae, Mostly, Versus, Easter, Quarterback

    Reaper Level 2
    Phrase, Climate, Creditor, Recover, worried, Anxiety Project, Tourist, Evaluate

    Reaper Level 3
    Romantic, branch, Factor, Anymore, Darkness, Zipper, Survivor, Obtain, Disappear

    Reaper Level 4
    Justice, Visible, Normally, Extreme, Leaflet, Server, Entrance, Distance, Infant

    Reaper Level 5
    Headline, Ideology, Holder, Pursue, Mystery, Relative, Entity, Street, Household

    Reaper Level 6
    Rocket, Gently, Forever, Guitar, Facility, Service, Scholar, Closer, Immigration

    Reaper Level 7
    Distinct, Legend, Baseball, Invest, Agenda, Initial, Cabbage, Recovery, Movement

    Reaper Level 8
    Reality, Driver, Brother, Senate, Normal, Galaxy, Decrease, Follow, Surprisingly

    Reaper Level 9
    Package, Operate, During, Approach, Identity, Weakness, Concrete, Photographer

    Reaper Level 10
    Locate, Domain, Yourself, Reward, Spectrum, Parent, Criteria, Threat, Phenomenon

    Reaper Level 11
    Support, Upstairs, Tomorrow, Builder, Emotion, Monster, Preserve, Intervention

    Reaper Level 12
    Surround, Continue, Elephant, Entirely, Cookie, Refusal, Nature, Progress, Blind

    Reaper Level 13
    National, Database, Accurate, Supplier, Circle, Inspire, Advocate, Mathematics

    Reaper Level 14
    Fighting, Afford, Chapter, Operator, Easily, Complex, Collect, Theory, Technical

    Reaper Level 15
    Railway, Unique, Remember, Overall, Replace, Witness, Exceed, Occupy, Politician

    Reaper Level 16
    Painter, County, Cucumber, Import, Reporter, Argument, Expect, Wooden, Secretary

    Reaper Level 17
    Protein, Vehicle, Chance, Family, Negative, Promote, Guilty, Universe, Complaint

    Reaper Level 18
    Weekly, Document, Ordinary, Notion, Religion, Soldier, Island, Online, Beautiful

    Reaper Level 19
    Servant, Computer, Avenue, Filter, Liberty, Summary, Shovel, Aerial, Cooperation

    Reaper Level 20
    Numerous, Neither, Discount, Prospect, Lovely, Relevant, Unable, Portrait, Organ

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