Wordbrain Raccoon Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Raccoon levels 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. If you need help to levels like Flamingo, click on the link and move to the respective levels.
Level 1 – Well, Percent, Infinity, Hen, Face, Tie, Cork, Question, Music, Jug
Level 2 – Bedroom, Chin, Bomb, Salute, Hatchet, Path, Bullet, Cherry, Beard
Level 3 – Shape, Tin, Face, Saucer, Cucumber, Jug, Snowman, Pen, Shoes, Prism
Level 4 – Bell, Gap, Goat, Support, Pumpkin, Sing, String, Talk, Shovel, Soup
Level 5 – Lawn, Sock, Orange, Magnet, Hat, Shoelace, Kitchen, Game, Belt, Sun
Level 6 – Cap, Whisper, Teardrop, Icicle, Balls, Lava, Swan, Shallow, Dream
Level 7 – Dustbin, Gun, Purse, Surgery, Oar, Onions, Shoes, Timber, Compass
Level 8 – Smile, Monster, Collar, Spinach, Punch, Cake, Piano, Loop, Pencil
Level 9 – Middle, Path, Egg, Biscuit, Odd, Sandpit, Bread, Kayak, Comb, Smell
Level 10 – Turtle, Chain, Triplets, Floor, Judgment, Wink, Thin, Laugh, Drip
Level 11 – Stern, Knee, Windmill, Toilet, Cereal, Witch, Cabbage, Pear, Heel
Level 12 – Pipe, Money, Cactus, Question, Wink, Balls, Church, Arrow, Stereo
Level 13 – Napkin, Orange, Twins, Worker, Clam, Tomato, Eye, Butter, Bedroom
Level 14 – Tall, Snowman, Earth, Mince, Record, Mouse, Collar, Padlock, Down
Level 15 – Gloves, Skis, Trophy, Duckling, Track, Planet, Celery, Plane, Cap
Level 16 – Keyring, Percent, Tennis, Earring, Pie, Shovel, Card, Elbow, Sing
Level 17 – Cart, Neck, Buckle, Tennis, Sign, Ferry, Aerial, Bolt, Toilet, Bald
Level 18 – Anchor, Cabin, Raincoat, Metal, Sock, Floor, Path, Turtle, Tennis
Level 19 – Pumpkin, Golf, Cake, Kick, Record, Female, Idea, Edge, Ship, Sphere
Level 20 – Customer, Scales, Shark, Trunk, Canoe, Spinach, Vitamin, Potato


  1. Raccoon level 3 apperas to be impossible to complete. I agree the letters make the words but “language” can’t be made as the third word as there is only one way to make “dice” and “tooth”

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