Wordbrain Questions and Answers


These are some of the questions that we have received via emails. We have tried to answer each and everyone of them, if you need help with any puzzle comment below.


  1. Stuck on Octopus Level 10 – 3 days now I have been stuck! I found the first word ‘ruler’ and used my last hint and got ‘T’ for the beginning of the next word. I can’t figure this level out! If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Wordbrain Teacher level 6 help – I’ve got saucer, pyramid, stern, tall, scale and mouth and two hints, an E for a five letter word and an O for the three letter word. Help would be appreciated!

  3. How pass Monkey 3? – Planet is for certain, otherwise stumped. Have tried tons of words. Planet is the first word, 2nd wordstarts with p as well, 6 letters, 3 word starts with t, 4 letters. We are Tali-whacked on this level.

  4. Stuck on Owl level 17 now! – I got through level 16 only after I posted asking for help on it.. and before the question was put up here! Now I am totally stuck on 17! I got empty, onion, peace and bat. I know trunk is one of the words but I can’t figure out how to get to it and can’t figure out the other 2 words! Help please?!?

    • Butter, iceberg, shower, lighter, large, brick. Start with butter on the left side as you are looking at your screen then iceberg … You may have to play around with the er from butter to get the iceberg . Good luck!

  5. Stuck on owl 18 – Hi there, I have all the words just can’t figure out how to match the last word “plate”. The words I have found are shout, blow, middle, pie, female, shallow and plate. Just can’t get the right order. Plz help!

  6. Stuck on student level 19 – Help!!! I’ve been stuck on this level for two days with no progress… I can see a few possible words but can’t get them to work out. Any help would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

  7. Please help with clown 12 – I have cane, scooter, panties, stop, hat, soap and toaster but really stuck as i don’t know what order they go in! I’m struggling with getting letters in the correct order for toaster! Please help x x