Wordbrain Pumpking Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Pumpking pack levels 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. If you need help with packs like Martian, check it out here.
Level 1 – supposed, attempt, monopoly, engineer, delegate, concrete, stream, immediately
Level 2 – padlock, circuit, possibly, insight, colonel, location, minister, contemporary
Level 3 – forget, academic, organize, famous, proposed, creation, finance, dispute, create
Level 4 – upstairs, excuse, compete, kitten, strong, clothing, fifteen, guilty, suggestion
Level 5 – string, persuade, helmet, computer, breathe, agency, presence, rather, criticism
Level 6 – worker, follow, golden, always, investor, pillar, anyone, unlikely, presidential
Level 7 – progress, ethics, electric, future, slippers, together, acquire, nursery, grapes
Level 8 – changing, arrange, visitor, molecule, entire, desert, monster, advanced, nowhere
Level 9 – election, regard, rabbit, oxygen, Catholic, threat, lifetime, timing, biological
Level 10 – circle, killer, instance, radical, hundred, rapidly, library, grammar, condition
Level 11 – weekend, courage, apparent, billion, broken, dramatic, beside, tenant, reinforce
Level 12 – suddenly, convince, attorney, darling, tonight, official, double, investigator
Level 13 – effort, literary, manner, slightly, generate, overlook, moderate, distribution
Level 14 – pretend, bronze, landing, cinema, refugee, whatever, closer, adjust, competition
Level 15 – weakness, teaspoon, exactly, unusual, employee, interval, develop, appointment
Level 16 – action, result, ongoing, cousin, lecture, sequence, stinger, saddle, acknowledge
Level 17 – nearby, portrait, clinic, accuse, shopping, midnight, status, tendency, assembly
Level 18 – import, embrace, garage, German, interest, message, personal, script, assumption
Level 19 – planning, approach, ambition, vertical, column, weather, anyway, recently, sweet
Level 20 – arrival, purchase, person, building, around, except, producer, speaker, disposal


  1. Is anyone else having technical difficulties with these four latest levels? I have no trouble with the puzzles, but once I finished #20 of Witch, and moved on to Pumpking, if I close the game and reopen it, all progress is lost and it takes me back to #20 of Witch. Really annoying. I have emailed developers, and tried to find assistance, but there is definitely a bug that needs fixed. Happens on both iPad and iPhone.

  2. Pumpkin Level 1
    Supposed, Attempt, Monopoly, Engineer, Delegate, Concrete, Stream, Immediately

    Pumpkin Level 2
    Padlock, circuit, Possibly, Insight, Colonel, Location, Minister, Contemporary

    Pumpkin Level 3
    Forget, Academic, Organize, Famous, Proposed, Creation, Finance, Dispute, Create

    Pumpkin Level 4
    Upstairs, Excuse, Compete, Kitten, Strong, Clothing, Fifteen, Guilty, Suggestion

    Pumpkin Level 5
    String, Persuade, Helmet, Computer, Breathe, Agency, Presence, Rather, Criticism

    Pumpkin Level 6
    Worker, Follow, Golden, Always, Investor, Pillar, Anyone, Unlikely, Presidential

    Pumpkin Level 7
    Progress, Ethics, Electric, Future, Slippers, Together, acquire, Nursery, Grapes,

    Pumpkin Level 8
    Changing, Arrange, Visitor, Molecule, Entire, Desert, Monster, Advanced, Nowhere

    Pumpkin Level 9
    Election, Regard, Rabbit, Oxygen, Catholic, Threat, Lifetime, Timing, Biological

    Pumpkin Level 10
    Circle, Killer, Instance, Radical, Hundred, Rapidly, Library, Grammar, Condition

    Pumpkin Level 11
    Weekend, Courage, Apparent, Billion, Broken, Dramatic, Beside, Tenant, Reinforce

    Pumpkin Level 12
    Suddenly, Convince, Attorney, Draling, Tonight, Official, Double, Investigator

    Pumpkin Level 13
    Effort, Literary, Manner, Slightly, Generate, Overlook, Moderare, Distribution

    Pumpkin Level 14
    Pretend, Bronze, Landing, Cinema, Refugee, Whatever, Closer, Adjust, Competition

    Pumpkin Level 15
    Weakness, Teaspoon, Exactly, Unusual, Employee, Interval, Develop, Appointment

    Pumpkin Level 16
    Action, Result, Ongoing, Cousin, Lecture, Sequence, Stinger, Saddle, Acknowledge

    Pumpkin Level 17
    Nearby, Portrait, Clinc, Accuse, Shopping, Midnight, Status, Tendency, Assembly

    Pumpkin Level 18
    Import, Embrace, Garage, German, Interest, Message, Personal, Script, Assumption

    Pumpkin Level 19
    Planning, Approach, Ambition, Vertical, Column, Weather, Anyway, Recently, Sweet,

    Pumpkin Level 20
    Arrival, Purchase, Person, Building, Around, Except, Producer, Speaker, Disposal

    • All,
      In order to finish the game you must solve all the level ON ONE GO from Witch level 20 to Pumpking level 20 (21 levels) that’s will unlock Pumpking level then you should use Reaper answers on new unlocked Pumpking level ( Good news you can solve what you can that’s won’t affect your progress )
      After completing new unlocked Pumpking with Reaper answers Geine and Reaper will change to unlock mode then you use Genie answers for both Reaper and Genie packs together at the same time there is no different if use Genie pack or Reaper pack both they show same puzzles as soon as you complete either Genie or Reaper you officially fished the game

      I completed the game about 10 days ago it was very annoying to me as well.

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