WordBrain Pig Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Updated answers to Wordbrain Pig puzzles level 1 to 20. A step by step video walkthrough is added below. It gets tough from here, we felt Minotaur to be one of the toughest level. Share yours in the comment below.
Level 1 – Ask, Bone, Question, Peas, Finger
Level 2 – Uncle, Pity, Label, Scholarship
Level 3 – Infinity, Shoelace, Gap, Kitten
Level 4 – Knuckle, Full, Bread, Laugh, Crow
Level 5 – Kite, Mushroom, Bite, Sing, Right
Level 6 – Switch, Square, Floor, Gun, Shout
Level 7 – Gloves, Down, Sandpit, Moon, Bald
Level 8 – Salt, Fin, Shield, Kick, Duckling
Level 9 – Canoe, Vertical, Boot, Ham, Cabin
Level 10 – Plane, Earth, Negative, Surgery
Level 11 – Captain, Think, Left, Silo, Label
Level 12 – Shovel, Sun, Cufflink, Mountain
Level 13 – Stinger, Lens, Robot, Chin, Paint
Level 14 – Moss, Snowman, Bottle, Hoe, Drink
Level 15 – Scarf, Pen, Stinger, Helmet, Sofa
Level 16 – Male, Cart, Missile, Clam, String
Level 17 – Square, String, Elephant, Twins
Level 18 – Overbite, Anchor, Nut, Safe, Idea
Level 19 – Tent, Elk, Lemon, Dynamite, Cheek
Level 20 – Stinger, Question, Left, Butter

Pig WB 1 to 20 Step by Step Video


  1. I am at Pig Level 16 for 3 days. I have all the words….idea cup ghost——- and mushroom. I’m left with the letters tahre which the word is earth, but I can’t to the “t”. I’ve tried all different word combinations but still can’t get to the T. Can you help please.

  2. In Pig Level 9. It’s says two earths. When it is Ghost, Cup, Mushroom, idea and earth BUT I can’t get earth to fit in

  3. My Pig level 13 is different from all the answers. Am I the only one with this grid. I have no help for it and have been stuck for a week.

  4. Pig, level 9, is not correct. EARTH cannot be used because the R is in the wrong place. Please fix. I cannot move forward. Thank you.

  5. Please help I am Stuck on Pig level…. No where can I find a cheat… Using a windows phone. My grid starts with monli

  6. The word earth in Pig level 16 is impossible to connect. I am unable to continue playing until this is fixed. Please help!!

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