Wordbrain Werewolf Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Here are the answers to Werewolf Level 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. If stuck with any other packs use our Wordbrain Cheats page.
Level 1 – murder, religion, journal, destroy, target, increase, manner, modern, discussion
Level 2 – mutual, talent, preserve, exercise, quarter, weapon, treaty, bronze, requirement
Level 3 – corridor, actress, unlikely, operate, output, adjust, recall, butter, elementary
Level 4 – common, moment, Spanish, swimming, explode, stomach, merger, election, confusion
Level 5 – inform, evaluate, assign, undergo, mainly, visitor, survival, however, political
Level 6 – actually, chemical, anymore, charity, button, church, tomorrow, absolute, engage
Level 7 – partly, ideology, useful, building, smooth, another, envelope, weekend, constant
Level 8 – particle, remote, remove, complete, fighting, mortgage, illness, flavor, fighter
Level 9 – engineer, surface, revenue, favorite, active, stroke, display, either, emergency
Level 10 – little, everyone, depend, possibly, morning, finger, couple, slightly, supporter
Level 11 – object, toward, general, tragedy, progress, receive, curious, peasant, mechanism
Level 12 – killer, mistake, educator, string, future, clearly, fabric, headline, settlement
Level 13 – reality, mental, elderly, cottage, motive, straight, income, discover, important
Level 14 – problem, collapse, content, length, borough, customer, therapy, monitor, comfort
Level 15 – abroad, achieve, severe, county, symptom, sergeant, strongly, conduct, encounter
Level 16 – wedding, domestic, creditor, distinct, despite, strength, crystal, responsible
Level 17 – request, capable, totally, equity, builder, darkness, greatest, subject, promise
Level 18 – worker, medicine, control, romantic, abandon, helpful, purchase, pressure, share
Level 19 – external, assault, report, crisis, involved, merely, rarely, national, variation
Level 20 – unless, enormous, district, expect, withdraw, member, sequence, patient, cooking


  1. Here I am again. I have been stuck for days on werewolf level 7. I have all the words but no matter how ways I try I can’t get the last words. I hope that you can help Toby Chamberlain. You are a talented problem solver.

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