Wordbrain Kraken Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Kraken pack levels 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. Martian is one of the difficult packs, if you need help with that check here.
Level 1 – Shelter, Council, Survivor, Satisfy, Honest, Connect, Coverage, Anywhere, Reason
Level 2 – Horizon, Decade, Finally, Soldier, Offender, Matter, Spectrum, Suddenly, General
Level 3 – Particle, Daughter, Crisis, Unable, Arrival, Holding, Access, Actually, Addition
Level 4 – Meeting, Supplier, Heritage, Sanction, Surgery, Cheese, Painful, Insect, Highway
Level 5 – Support, Collect, Champion, Missile, Ground, Nearly, Teenager, Fiction, Discover
Level 6 – Prayer, Gesture, Around, Servant, Effort, Signal, Auditor, Billion, Nevertheless
Level 7 – Concern, Climate, Lifetime, Trouble, Useful, Reality, Respect, Beyond, Breakfast
Level 8 – Attorney, Silent, Overcome, Corner, Capable, Mainly, Though, Forever, Instructor
Level 9 – French, Unknown, Writer, Cousin, Curtain, Primary, Defender, Modern, Combination
Level 10 – Attend, During, Capacity, Wealth, Contrast, Valley, Lawsuit, Legend, Potentially
Level 11 – Builder, Frequent, Exhibit, Moderate, Insight, Bridge, Activity, Cotton, Worried
Level 12 – Comfort, Internal, Gently, Holder, Tomorrow, Chance, Evaluate, Writing, Swimming
Level 13 – Insist, Qualify, Reaction, Positive, Opposite, Makeup, Partner, Freedom, Produce
Level 14 – Degree, Artist, Improve, Attitude, Square, Affair, Stretch, Witness, Restriction
Level 15 – Advanced, Grocery, Although, Criminal, Aircraft, Opening, Reserve, Expectation
Level 16 – Fighting, Festival, Totally, Illegal, Mission, Pleasure, Display, Presidential
Level 17 – Beside, Chinese, Pregnant, Resident, Vessel, Stable, Nuclear, Margin, Appearance
Level 18 – Nobody, Talent, Growing, Review, Flight, Symptom, Thought, Tribunal, Perspective
Level 19 – Rather, Consider, Supreme, Serious, Promise, Decision, Summit, Division, Network
Level 20 – Family, Guardian, Happen, Invite, Change, Speaker, Oppose, Provide, Dramatically


  1. I am on kraken Level 16 – I have worked out all the words but can’t get the sequence to unlock the words no matter how hard I try. This is the first time I can’t unlock the words in any order. I can The First four words but after that it seems impossible as the arrow spins.

  2. My head may blow up if I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong in kraken level 4. I am apparently missing something early in the puzzle and can’t find out what it is. I know the words but just can’t seem to break through. Help please Toby Chamberlain.

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