Wordbrain Griffin Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Griffin pack Levels 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. If you need help with tougher packs like Martian, check the link.
Level 1 – Taxation, Appoint, Diagram, Somewhat, Arrive, Hunting, Sergeant, Golden, Working
Level 2 – External, Explain, Liberty, Compound, Spirit, Action, Length, Gifted, Researcher
Level 3 – Mother, Member, Thesis, Athletic, Nothing, Always, Avenue, Compete, Intellectual
Level 4 – Suggest, Strength, Empire, Anymore, Artistic, Instance, Receipt, Priority, Since
Level 5 – Easily, Discount, Sympathy, Protect, Shortage, Entire, Everyday, Hearing, Inside
Level 6 – Twenty, Parish, Minority, Creditor, Reader, Mental, Rapidly, Spread, Maintenance
Level 7 – Remember, Publish, Compose, Neighbor, Schedule, Copper, Quarter, Assure, Pretend
Level 8 – Assume, Equation, Purpose, Instinct, Musician, Shopping, Recovery, Essentially
Level 9 – Response, Governor, Organism, Launch, Butter, Teaching, Merger, Script, Corridor
Level 10 – Declare, Powder, Scream, Database, Majority, Leaflet, Congress, Provider, Repair
Level 11 – Creation, Justify, Emerge, Liberal, Percent, Package, Anyway, Colony, Collective
Level 12 – Surprise, Certain, Expect, Sudden, Senator, Minimum, Taxpayer, Public, Professor
Level 13 – Towards, Resort, Nursery, Temple, Palace, College, Island, Symbol, Slightly, Crowd
Level 14 – Concept, Create, Because, Wedding, Analyst, Measure, Killing, Teacher, Consensus
Level 15 – Effect, Weakness, Afford, Church, Portion, Defense, Brother, Distinct, Temporary
Level 16 – Editor, Context, Testify, Behind, Balance, Terrace, Clothing, Foreign, Technique
Level 17 – Village, Regional, Target, Religion, Founder, Remove, Invasion, Recall, Marriage
Level 18 – Faculty, Estimate, Impress, Active, Enormous, Resist, Delivery, Herself, Combine
Level 19 – Motion, Million, Element, Prison, Career, Visible, Announce, Release, Tablespoon
Level 20 – Offense, Glance, Burden, Fairly, Excuse, Quickly, Unlike, Strategy, Contemporary


  1. Wordbrain griffin Level 2 is impossible to get. We figured all of the words out but can’t get them in order. I was frustrated so went on YouTube to watch how it’s done and when they get to the last two words the screen goes black and the words just appear in the answer. What happened??

  2. soo bloccata al livello 9 PACKGRIFFIN NON RIESCO A TROVARE NESSUNA CORPISPONDENZA. Potete aiutarmi? ho guardato negli aiuti ma il livello 9 pubblicato fornisce delle definizioni che non corrispondono . Grazie a tutti

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