WordBrain Owl Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Find updated solutions to Owl levels 1 to 20 here with step by step video walkthrough. Need help with puzzles like Jellyfish, check our master solver page.
Wordbrain Owl Level 1 – Butter, Iceberg, Shower, Lighter, Large, Brick
Wordbrain Owl Level 2 – Milk, Flower, Pipe, Dog, Thin, Customer, Witness
Wordbrain Owl Level 3 – Pirate, Straw, Ask, Arrow, Scooter, Lawn, Valley
Wordbrain Owl Level 4 – Petal, Crow, Gun, Mountain, Hoe, Scissors, Slide
Wordbrain Owl Level 5 – Salt, Pump, Milk, Crown, Jug, Think, Bullet, Witch
Wordbrain Owl Level 6 – Knee, Missile, Divide, Socks, Iceberg, Mittens
Wordbrain Owl Level 7 – Formula, Clown, Keyhole, Sink, Melon, Envelope
Wordbrain Owl Level 8 – Ladder, Unicycle, Pepper, Crack, Angle, Cherry
Wordbrain Owl Level 9 – Stilts, Maze, Jam, Bacon, Postcard, Slide, Sheep
Wordbrain Owl Level 10 – Camera, Jar, Sail, Scissors, Wide, Tennis, Japan
Wordbrain Owl Level 11 – Carrot, Dentist, Lapel, Recipe, Large, Cyclops
Wordbrain Owl Level 12 – Scissors, Dinosaur, Thumb, Doll, Sheep, Saucer
Wordbrain Owl Level 13 – Neck, Upstairs, Fork, Right, Egg, Earth, Vampire
Wordbrain Owl Level 14 – Bald, Rabbit, Smile, Tie, Suitcase, Knife, Ruler
Wordbrain Owl Level 15 – Listen, Fin, Gap, Tooth, Opponent, Female, Plane
Wordbrain Owl Level 16 – Ball, Coconut, Kite, Sword, Coach, Compass, Lawn
Wordbrain Owl Level 17 – Empty, Onion, Peace, Bat, Dream, Trunk, Saucepan
Wordbrain Owl Level 18 – Shout, Blow, Female, Middle, Shallow, Pie, Petal
Wordbrain Owl Level 19 – Cufflink, Down, Shower, Wing, Mushroom, Stripe
Wordbrain Owl Level 20 – Maze, Loop, House, Flag, Left, Soup, Blow, Picture

Owl WB 1 to 20 Step by Step Video


  1. owl level 10 doesn’t match up when you check it with game solver. It says one of the words is sheriff but the correct letters aren’t there. You can see the letters for the other words but can’t get to them.

  2. Why do the levels I’m on not match up to the “cheats?” owl level 13 is 8×8 but I only find smaller boards when I look for help…

  3. Thank you Grant, but we are not talking about same puzzle. I’m on OWL 1. No matter how I try there is an E left over 🙁 I have done the words in order as far as possible. i.e: BUTTER, ICEBERG…Would be delighted to know if anyone has finished it & cleared all letters.

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