Wordbrain Ogre Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Ogre levels 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. There are other tougher 9×9 levels ahead like Tiger, Knight, Rabbit.
Level 1 – friendly, waffle, accept, particle, across, abandon, legacy, vehicle, reputation
Level 2 – biscuit, darling, within, weakness, expect, extent, minority, marriage, language
Level 3 – paddle, moment, existing, member, relief, winner, ensure, chainsaw, independence
Level 4 – pregnant, simply, violence, submit, silence, question, connect, interest, listen
Level 5 – minister, specific, insight, option, convert, factor, planning, private, worried
Level 6 – quarter, anchor, snowman, African, expense, spending, chicken, search, condition
Level 7 – terrace, physical, yourself, fashion, perform, earnings, account, significance
Level 8 – essence, pursue, discover, federal, refusal, salary, division, reveal, guarantee
Level 9 – aerial, surround, effect, classic, somewhat, stomach, behavior, suggest, passage
Level 10 – surely, surprise, retain, project, trophy, leaflet, quantity, serious, executive
Level 11 – rapidly, soldier, monkey, survival, together, threat, organic, buckle, infection
Level 12 – thirty, addition, equation, rarely, nothing, windmill, largely, assure, familiar
Level 13 – consider, tension, arrive, circle, housing, feature, mention, fourth, protection
Level 14 – declare, tribunal, bright, beehive, present, father, monitor, inside, foundation
Level 15 – invite, spring, timber, powerful, northern, always, operate, concept, technology
Level 16 – promote, taxation, quality, absolute, interior, location, increase, statistics
Level 17 – provide, succeed, disagree, castle, solution, heavily, shoulder, birthday, those
Level 18 – smooth, shower, stranger, distinct, everyday, relate, evolve, chairman, persuade
Level 19 – reserve, discuss, confront, monster, careful, access, device, investor, receiver
Level 20 – coverage, database, figure, select, favorite, assume, ceremony, target, woodpile


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