Wordbrain Moose Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Wordbrain Moose Level 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. You can get solutions to other levels from our Wordbrain Cheats page.
Level 1 – Jam, Odd, Block, Salute, Yacht, Napkin, Sawdust, Saw, Barrel, House
Level 2 – Flagpole, Right, Woodpile, Eyeball, Lapel, Butter, Lawn, Saw, Fin
Level 3 – Paddle, Heel, Angle, Balls, Bow, Gun, Elbow, Rope, Kitchen, Pear, Fin
Level 4 – Bell, Anchor, Eagle, Customer, Meat, Bedroom, Starfish, Spinach
Level 5 – Angle, Brush, Football, Teardrop, Barrel, Fist, Cufflink, Knife
Level 6 – Male, Bullet, Neck, Moon, Glue, Peace, Rocket, Belt, Purse, Whistle
Level 7 – Duckling, Flagpole, Bag, Cheek, Dominoes, Knife, Bolt, Plate, Log
Level 8 – Tricycle, Sink, Haystack, Porridge, Honey, Plate, Pillar, Cabin
Level 9 – Divide, South, Mittens, Grapes, Cake, Rabbit, Cashier, Shoulder
Level 10 – House, Bathroom, Paddle, Japan, Think, Safe, Cane, Windmill, Lawn
Level 11 – Lemon, Cupboard, Bread, Customer, Magnet, Iron, Drill, Slippers
Level 12 – Profit, Corn, Mail, Carrot, Angle, File, Sing, Bathroom, Unicycle
Level 13 – Overbite, Circuit, Shin, Watch, Cupboard, Pumpkin, Skull, Scarf
Level 14 – Napkin, Glue, Necklace, Question, Rocket, Raincoat, Panda, Comb
Level 15 – Barn, Dress, Chain, Lava, Rope, Umbrella, Spoon, Jug, Brush, Basket
Level 16 – Ball, Kitten, Nail, Knee, Laugh, Blow, Cookie, Chin, Period, Monkey
Level 17 – Hen, Bullet, Cane, Peach, Wet, Balloon, Silo, Ancient, Beard, Think
Level 18 – Vitamin, Dream, Pipe, Bread, Lapel, Honey, Ball, Hoe, Female, Beard
Level 19 – Anchor, Funnel, Market, Sandpit, Puzzle, Mouse, Coconut, Saucer
Level 20 – Salute, Buckle, Football, Saddle, Big, Bell, Boots, Beard, Orange


  1. Moose level 12 is impossible. My board is not the one there are answers too. First line across is BTHATRA words are same as the ones I find on the help page but I can NOT make them work. Anyone else having same trouble?

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