Wordbrain Minotaur Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Minotaur pack levels 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. If you need help with any specific Wordbrain packs check here.
Level 1 – Saving, Combine, Pepper, Designer, Offence, Disagree, Around, Relate, Sufficient
Level 2 – Creation, Northern, Degree, Muscle, Currency, Imagine, Priority, Tenant, Clearly
Level 3 – Makeup, Reform, Locate, Consent, Question, Kitchen, Energy, Creative, University
Level 4 – Partly, Winter, Murder, Captain, Electric, Segment, Poetry, Routine, Participate
Level 5 – Inquiry, Survival, Survey, Welcome, Sanction, Silver, Database, Addition, Visual
Level 6 – Merely, Unless, Express, Button, Smooth, Inside, Nation, Instance, Parent, Charity
Level 7 – String, Closer, Gently, Medicine, Forget, Taxation, Organic, Server, Cholesterol
Level 8 – Emerge, Involved, Notice, Consume, Weapon, Frequent, Storage, Display, Counselor
Level 9 – Wealthy, Density, Festival, Quarter, Popular, Uniform, Argument, Audience, Carry
Level 10 – Treaty, Surround, Disaster, Series, Coverage, Comment, External, Appeal, Scholar
Level 11 – Position, Summit, Object, Normal, Pretty, Activist, Arrive, Afraid, Presidential
Level 12 – Toward, Learning, Critic, Auditor, Surgery, Senior, Choice, Recipe, Prescription
Level 13 – Cluster, Enormous, Address, Budget, Taxpayer, Priest, Specific, Prompt, Instinct
Level 14 – Supreme, Tribunal, Possible, Everyone, Resident, Rating, Privacy, Distribution
Level 15 – Equally, Carriage, Supplier, Shelter, Packet, Rather, Previous, Somebody, Dealer
Level 16 – Dividend, Likely, Differ, Clinical, Manage, Radical, Colony, Effort, Fundamental
Level 17 – Lovely, Resist, Remember, Premium, Pressure, Emphasis, Assess, Interior, Restore
Level 18 – Mention, Faculty, Driver, Carrier, Affect, Failure, Duration, Exceed, Impossible
Level 19 – Vessel, Scared, Sequence, Intend, Standing, Central, Glance, Critical, Typically
Level 20 – Facility, Bronze, Whatever, Embrace, Explain, Basket, Numerous, Invite, Interest


  1. I’m stuck on minotaur level 16 and have been woking on it for several days. I can get every word excpt stern. I think I must be doing something wrong on the right hand side of the puzzle but I am having no luck in figuring out what it is. Please Toby if you could help me I’d be able to sleep at night.

  2. Level 4: partly, winter, murder, captain, electric, segment, poetry, routine, participate
    Level 5: inquiry, survival, survey, welcome, sanction, silver, database, addition, visual
    Level 6: merely, unless, express, button, smooth, inside, nation, instance, parent, charity

  3. Thank you very much raul for your reply. I used to be able to have both the answers with the actual words and also the hints in each level of the starting and ending letter of each word (with the number of the letters). But not anymore. Now I only see the answers with the actual words, which is not cool at all.
    Right now I am in level 17 of Minotaur.

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