Wordbrain Mermaid Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Here are the answers to Mermaid Level 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. Here you can find solutions to Troll pack.
Level 1 – practice, reject, moment, mirror, grammar, question, strong, external, dependent
Level 2 – breathe, desire, permit, comment, finger, passion, natural, tactic, considerable
Level 3 – fraction, nobody, industry, create, pepper, distant, favorite, supposed, finding
Level 4 – romantic, receiver, creditor, respond, button, annual, attract, strange, convert
Level 5 – chemical, announce, airline, partner, stroke, equally, mushroom, vampire, expect
Level 6 – pillar, regard, lifetime, feeling, result, decline, prevent, estate, participant
Level 7 – supply, ceremony, teaspoon, deeply, discount, twenty, sergeant, without, pumpkin
Level 8 – innocent, trainer, kingdom, victory, someone, device, nervous, private, thinking
Level 9 – facility, minimum, timber, basket, plenty, rarely, election, popular, illustrate
Level 10 – equity, minute, income, graduate, history, others, planning, growth, investigate
Level 11 – member, finance, coverage, although, embrace, standing, slippers, conservative
Level 12 – tunnel, sister, unicycle, terrace, festival, hearing, distinct, detect, research
Level 13 – cherry, opposite, density, turnover, anyone, beehive, repeat, budget, impossible
Level 14 – ethnic, prepare, alcohol, creature, artistic, system, control, pressure, patient
Level 15 – justify, expense, ideology, athlete, property, remark, fifteen, enough, designer
Level 16 – proposal, castle, building, orange, symptom, deficit, clearly, criminal, reserve
Level 17 – diagram, package, personal, neither, perform, unique, chainsaw, provider, secure
Level 18 – curious, nearby, icicle, cooking, belief, withdraw, report, horizon, fundamental
Level 19 – advise, disposal, holding, formal, killing, freeze, throat, puzzle, characterize
Level 20 – umbrella, please, investor, preserve, delight, central, ticket, compass, enhance


  1. We have now completed 50 packs collectively , which means 1,000 puzzles solved. That was fun and challenging, but I think I’m ready to move to a new game! Thanks to all who helped me through it!

    • Hi Al,
      You’re right it was fun and challenging I’ve been playing this game on my free time for while on multiple languages my score just under 1.5 million and over 2400 hints to spare I don’t know if I continue playing this game or delete it from my account. “Under review”

  2. Lesley,
    You after all the answers on one go?
    Do you think people have nothing’s to do other then play the game 24Hrs
    Don’t worry you willl finish the game soon, I can finish all the levels in few hours however I would like to give everyone a fair go.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. I have completed Witch and am about half way thru Pumpking, but, when I log off, Word Brain performs as if I have not completed Witch, even though it displays correct points and shows all that I have solved all levels of Witch. In order to proceed to Pumpking, I have to complete level 20 of Witch and then go through levels of Pumpking that I have already solved. Is anyone else having this annoying problem? I will now post solutions to all levels of Witch in case nobody else has gotten that far yet

  4. All,
    In. Order to complete the game you must complete the following levels solution on one go from Witch level 20 to Pumpkin level 20 before you close/or refresh the game otherwise you must repeat all from Witch level 20 please give your self enough time to finish 21 levels on one go after that you don’t need to repeat, when you have completed pumpkin level 20 the game will be unlocked

    The answers must be one one go are
    Witch Level 20
    Quarter, Grenade, Academic, Transfer, Assault, Literary, Disaster, Recognition

    Pumpkin Level 1
    Supposed, Attempt, Monopoly, Engineer, Delegate, Concrete, Stream, Immediately

    Pumpkin Level 2
    Padlock, circuit, Possibly, Insight, Colonel, Location, Minister, Contemporary

    Pumpkin Level 3
    Forget, Academic, Organize, Famous, Proposed, Creation, Finance, Dispute, Create

    Pumpkin Level 4
    Upstairs, Excuse, Compete, Kitten, Strong, Clothing, Fifteen, Guilty, Suggestion

    Pumpkin Level 5
    String, Persuade, Helmet, Computer, Bresence, Agency, Persence, Rather, criticism

    Pumpkin Level 6
    Worker, Follow, Always, Investor, Pillar, Anyone, Unlikely, Presidential

    Pumpkin Level 7
    Progress, Ethics, Electric, Future, Slippers, Together, acquire, Nursery, Grapes,

    Pumpkin Level 8
    Changing, Arrange, Visitor, Molecule, Entire, Desert, Monster, Advanced, Nowhere

    Pumpkin Level 9
    Election, Regard, Rabbit, Oxygen, Catholic, Threat, Lifetime, Timing, Biological

    Pumpkin Level 10
    Circle, Killer, Instance, Radical, Hundred, Rapidly, Library, Grammar, Condition

    Pumpkin Level 11
    Weekend, Courage, Apparent, Billion, Broken, Dramatic, Beside, Tenant, Reinforce

    Pumpkin Level 12
    Suddenly, Convince, Attorney, Draling, Tonight, Official, Double, Investigator

    Pumpkin Level 13
    Effort, Literary, Manner, Slightly, Generate, Overlook, Moderare, Distribution

    Pumpkin Level 14
    Pretend, Bronze, Landing, Cinema, Refugee, Whatever, Closer, Adjust, Competition

    Pumpkin Level 15
    Weakness, Teaspoon, Exactly, Unusual, Employee, Interval, Develop, Appointment

    Pumpkin Level 16
    Action, Result, Ongoing, Cousin, Lecture, Sequence, Stinger, Saddle, Acknowledge

    Pumpkin Level 17
    Nearby, Portrait, Clinc, Accuse, Shopping, Midnight, Status, Tendency, Assembly

    Pumpkin Level 18
    Import, Embrace, Garage, German, Interest, Message, Personal, Script, Assumption

    Pumpkin Level 19
    Planning, Approach, Ambition, Vertical, Column, Weather, Anyway, Recently, Sweet,

    Pumpkin Level 20
    Arrival, Purchase, Person, Building, Around, Except, Producer, Speaker, Disposal

    I will post the rest of the answers tomorrow
    Good Luck

  5. Minor corrections
    Level 6 one word missing “Golden” it should go between Follow and Always

    Note to admin,
    Are you planning to create new folders for the latest update? Or we should forget about your site and place the answers somewhere else?

    Should I have no official reply then you will never have my answers again. I will post them on different site
    Have a Good Weekend
    (your call)

  6. All,
    When you complete the above puzzle form Witch level 20 to Pumpking level 20 the game will unlock Pumpking level
    Therefore you need to use this solutions below they will appear under Pumpking however they should be for Reaper pack

    Reaper Level 1
    Somewhat, Cupboard, Speaker, Vendor, Engae, Mostly, Versus, Easter, Quarterback

    Reaper Level 2
    Phrase, Climate, Creditor, Recover, worried, Anxiety Project, Tourist, Evaluate

    Reaper Level 3
    Romantic, branch, Factor, Anymore, Darkness, Zipper, Survivor, Obtain, Disappear

    Reaper Level 4
    Justice, Visible, Normally, Extreme, Leaflet, Server, Entrance, Distance, Infant

    Reaper Level 5
    Headline, Ideology, Holder, Pursue, Mystery, Relative, Entity, Street, Household

    Reaper Level 6
    Rocket, Gently, Forever, Guitar, Facility, Service, Scholar, Closer, Immigration

    Reaper Level 7
    Distinct, Legend, Baseball, Invest, Agenda, Initial, Cabbage, Recovery, Movement

    Reaper Level 8
    Reality, Driver, Brother, Senate, Normal, Galaxy, Decrease, Follow, Surprisingly

    Reaper Level 9
    Package, Operate, During, Approach, Identity, Weakness, Concrete, Photographer

    Reaper Level 10
    Locate, Domain, Yourself, Reward, Spectrum, Parent, Criteria, Threat, Phenomenon

    Reaper Level 11
    Support, Upstairs, Tomorrow, Builder, Emotion, Monster, Preserve, Intervention

    Reaper Level 12
    Surround, Continue, Elephant, Entirely, Cookie, Refusal, Nature, Progress, Blind

    Reaper Level 13
    National, Database, Accurate, Supplier, Circle, Inspire, Advocate, Mathematics

    Reaper Level 14
    Fighting, Afford, Chapter, Operator, Easily, Complex, Collect, Theory, Technical

    Reaper Level 15
    Railway, Unique, Remember, Overall, Replace, Witness, Exceed, Occupy, Politician

    Reaper Level 16
    Painter, County, Cucumber, Import, Reporter, Argument, Expect, Wooden, Secretary

    Reaper Level 17
    Protein, Vehicle, Chance, Family, Negative, Promote, Guilty, Universe, Complaint

    Reaper Level 18
    Weekly, Document, Ordinary, Notion, Religion, Soldier, Island, Online, Beautiful

    Reaper Level 19
    Servant, Computer, Avenue, Filter, Liberty, Summary, Shovel, Aerial, Cooperation

    Reaper Level 20
    Numerous, Neither, Discount, Prospect, Lovely, Relevant, Unable, Portrait, Organ

  7. Please note that when you get to this stage the game will unlock Reaper pack and Genie pack at the same time however use the following solution after completing each level it will show on both packs it has been solved

    Genie Pack Level 1
    Dominant, Equation, Settle, Absolute, Critic, Versus, Surgery, Arrival, Violence

    Genie Level 2
    Credit, Another, Stripe, Herself, Sphere, Feature, Except, Headline, Imagination

    Genie Level 3
    Teenager, Bathroom, Concrete, Spinach, Drawing, Flight, Designer, Contribution

    Genie Level 4
    Preserve, Seminar, Income, Diverse, Disease, Monster, Suggest, Plenty, Container

    Genie Level 5
    Perfect, Section, Squeeze, However, Brother, Sandwich, Limited, Cactus, Attention

    Genie Level 6
    Emperor, Suddenly, Storage, Chainsaw, Spring, Capable, Sausage, Budget, Complain

    Genie Level 7
    Zodiac, Bishop, Terrace, Remember, Liberty, Require, Possess, Operare, Virtually

    Genie Level 8
    Describe, Search, Estimate, Apparent, Depict, Boundary, Wisdom, Fourth, Directly

    Genie Level 9
    Practice, Numerous, Listen, Identify, Priest, Sequence, Action, Ordinary, Anchor

    Genie Level 10
    Pension, Motion, Regular, Reporter, Pleasure, Running, Custom, Tongue, Technique

    Genie Level 11
    Relate, Assume, Deficit, Release, Trading, Symbol, Unicycle, Holiday, Membership

    Genie Level 12
    Suppose, Evolve, Forever, Subject, Housing, Capital, Control, Double, Opposition

    Genie Level 13
    Whether, Magazine, Butcher, Compound, Return, Backpack, Ministry, Occasionally

    Genie Level 14
    Scissors, Import, Fashion, Vision, Banana, Glance, Shopping, Formal, Improvement

    Genie Level 15
    Accurate, unusual, Easily, Attend, Artist, Funnel, Property, Matter, Destruction

    Genie Level 16
    Captain, Molecule, Elderly, Category, Bottle, Shoulder, Literary, Specifically

    Genie Level 17
    Conduct, Gesture, Medicine, Nearly, Infant, Wander, Writer, Whenever, Nomination

    Genie Level 18
    Goldfish, Summer, Review, Upstairs, Better, Appoint, Attorney, County, Emphasize

    Genie Level 19
    Battle, likely, Whisper, Invasion, Always, Crisis, Stranger, Aerial, Conservative

    Genie Level 20
    Province, Empire, Discount, Develop, Surely, Mainly, Missile, Create, Commitment

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