Wordbrain Martian Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Here are the answers to Fairy Level 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. Check out the Wordbrain Solver website to find solutions and cheats to all levels.
Level 1 – dominate, military, knuckle, profit, governor, essence, impact, diagonal, deputy
Level 2 – interior, develop, changing, junction, growing, Catholic, terrible, apparently
Level 3 – grocery, secret, receiver, northern, headline, behavior, elephant, development
Level 4 – article, asleep, respond, editor, excuse, testing, economic, moderate, furniture
Level 5 – credit, resist, biscuit, fiction, internal, examine, pencil, edition, Republican
Level 6 – signal, cookie, visible, colonial, devote, barrel, medicine, danger, comfortable
Level 7 – indicate, whistle, unique, educator, Easter, evolve, several, windmill, assembly
Level 8 – powerful, record, criteria, attend, corridor, nuclear, believe, oxygen, umbrella
Level 9 – resolve, hammer, mistake, meeting, soccer, federal, dining, retain, successfully
Level 10 – hunting, service, contest, simply, parking, accident, dentist, promote, analysis
Level 11 – confront, mirror, workshop, lecture, receive, unicycle, fighting, championship
Level 12 – secure, fighter, darling, plastic, anyway, directly, studio, working, government
Level 13 – absence, abandon, coffee, pillar, machine, teaching, search, burden, expectation
Level 14 – withdraw, science, button, surface, beneath, anchor, announce, material, provide
Level 15 – founder, official, cooking, mosquito, career, somebody, shallow, abroad, episode
Level 16 – already, magnet, gesture, overlook, reward, clothing, constant, woodpile, assist
Level 17 – genetic, haystack, shield, travel, perceive, decline, moment, village, economist
Level 18 – bright, symbol, expert, veteran, stereo, goldfish, heritage, citizen, punishment
Level 19 – medical, except, bureau, context, mystery, publicly, thinking, sphere, supporter
Level 20 – absorb, recipe, business, broken, singer, summary, overcome, station, conference


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