Wordbrain Lizard Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Lizard levels 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. If you need help with Raven puzzle solutions click here.
Level 1 – Sink, Paddle, Hammer, Jump, Pigsty, Heel, Switch
Level 2 – Patch, Iron, Plum, Ship, Door, Traffic, No, Meadow
Level 3 – Grapes, Sock, Napkin, Jacket, Nurse, Stripe, Gap
Level 4 – Dominoes, Wink, Coconut, Meat, Duck, Shark, Down
Level 5 – Smile, Padlock, Snorkel, Fence, Gloves, Buckle
Level 6 – Dice, Path, Switch, Duck, Mountain, Odd, Symptom
Level 7 – Shovel, Face, Clam, Silo, Sugar, Teardrop, Fruit
Level 8 – Magnet, Eyeball, Meadow, Knife, Butcher, Shark
Level 9 – Socks, Mosquito, Smoke, Trowel, Crab, Spot, Bald
Level 10 – Barrel, Oar, Target, Scale, Question, Anvil, Lip
Level 11 – Cube, Trowel, Window, Program, Comb, Drip, Wheel
Level 12 – Mushroom, Napkin, Grenade, House, Plane, Panda
Level 13 – Fence, Bread, Horse, Arm, Kitchen, Multiply, Sad
Level 14 – Whistle, Necktie, Keyhole, Steak, Thumb, North
Level 15 – Doghouse, Lip, Picture, Whale, Collar, Beehive
Level 16 – Peach, Tie, Crow, Birthday, Elbow, Kitchen, Barn
Level 17 – Rifle, Shield, Scissors, Castle, Painter, Neck
Level 18 – Helmet, Chainsaw, Bite, Meadow, Elephant, Oval
Level 19 – Butcher, Crow, Deep, Lawn, Duck, Bee, Shirt, Clown
Level 20 – Spoon, Shoelace, Golf, Wide, Compass, Lawn, Peas


  1. In WordBrain Lizard level 10. I can find all words but there is no way to finish Shallow as the last word. First line is HEREMN. Second line is CAREOO. Third line is ASLUOC 4th Line is FLLTDR. FIfth line is WLICEA. And bottom line is OCOPBB. Words are Picture. bedroom Bacon Face collar and shallow.

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