WordBrain Lion Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Here are the updated solutions to lion puzzles solved recently with step by step video walkthrough. Make sure to check our homepage for other levels.
Level 1 – Lantern, Padlock, Empty, Period
Level 2 – Collar, Sugar, Fang, Flower, Maze
Level 3 – Straw, Smell, Clam, Camera, Balls
Level 4 – Safe, Moon, Shovel, Record, Thick
Level 5 – Kite, Windmill, Bald, Shark, Wolf
Level 6 – Chin, Ball, Feather, Mouth, Money
Level 7 – Tweezers, Corner, Egg, Full, Safe
Level 8 – Pigsty, Nose, Human, Stern, Sword
Level 9 – Fruit, Tweezers, File, Flagpole
Level 10 – Turtle, Edge, Dentist, Medicine
Level 11 – Drink, Landlord, Right, Painter
Level 12 – Scales, Robot, Mince, Eye, Pigsty
Level 13 – Petal, Cannon, Sign, Pig, Antenna
Level 14 – Eskimo, Pyramid, Palm, Gun, Slide
Level 15 – Question, Broom, Surgery, Block
Level 16 – Raft, Earring, Bolt, Timber, Kite
Level 17 – Sword, Noose, Sickle, Belt, Block
Level 18 – Pear, Milk, Rooster, Drip, Paddle
Level 19 – Cherry, Cheek, Sail, Plate, Balls
Level 20 – Doorbell, Up, Edge, Broom, Muscle


  1. Any ideas on how the letters to Lion work out? I have all the words but no matter which way I do it, I can’t seem to get the last word – Dynamite – to fit!?

  2. I’m on Lion 15 it keeps closing down which gives me a blank page. Then I have to come out of the page and re-enter. Also I’m not getting the first hint. This is very annoying can you offer any advise.

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