Wordbrain Knight Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Knight levels 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. If you need help with next difficult level Tiger, check it out.
Level 1 – priority, prince, unlikely, notice, festival, conflict, lifetime, specifically
Level 2 – effort, opponent, doctor, slight, suppose, battery, instance, burden, depression
Level 3 – system, historic, complain, through, between, witness, climate, retire, purchase
Level 4 – familiar, drawing, apparent, silent, likely, creature, number, limited, somebody
Level 5 – thanks, criminal, identify, channel, duration, compass, uniform, appoint, ground
Level 6 – nowhere, favorite, reader, tragedy, accurate, normally, intend, guilty, headline
Level 7 – musical, complete, supreme, typical, painting, property, gently, directly, ratio
Level 8 – anyway, quietly, pepper, within, division, mineral, protein, account, absolutely
Level 9 – nearby, athletic, probably, oppose, chicken, plastic, printer, module, community
Level 10 – struggle, monster, carrier, fitness, concern, perfect, artist, better, democracy
Level 11 – wealthy, profit, ladder, density, widely, business, auction, lawsuit, particular
Level 12 – worker, sandwich, breach, discover, circle, inform, imagine, Indian, destruction
Level 13 – strongly, resemble, justice, adequate, kitchen, vendor, object, software, crisis
Level 14 – prisoner, numerous, mystery, injury, needle, equally, adjust, funnel, comparison
Level 15 – infinity, vampire, relative, official, fragment, builder, cereal, professional
Level 16 – hungry, bullet, accident, element, chamber, thousand, abroad, butter, definition
Level 17 – veteran, reform, civilian, credit, mountain, amount, explain, regulate, unicycle
Level 18 – umbrella, persuade, inquiry, position, viewer, effect, weekly, visitor, receiver
Level 19 – willing, interest, faculty, throat, coverage, rhythm, shower, support, effective
Level 20 – stranger, ethnic, modest, decline, dividend, qualify, travel, buckle, aggressive


  1. Knight answers are:

    Level 1
    Priority, Prince, Unlikely, Notice, Festival, Conflict, Lifetime, specifically

    Level 2
    Effort, Opponent, Doctor, Slight, Suppose, Battery, Instance, Burden, Depression

    Level 3
    System, Historic, Complain, Through, Between, Witness, Climate, Retire, Purchase

    Level 4
    Familiar, Drawing, Apparent, Silent, Likely, Creature, Number, Limited, Somebody

    Level 5
    Thanks, Criminal, Identify, Channel, Duration, Compass, Uniform, Appoint, Ground

    Level 7
    Musical, Complete, Supreme, Typical, Painting, Property, Gently, Directly, Ratio

    Level 8
    Anyway, Quietly, Pepper, Within, Division, Mineral, Protein, Account, Absolutely

    Level 9
    Nearby, Athletic, Probably, Oppose, Chicken, Plastic, Printer, Module, Community

    Level 10
    Struggle, Monster, Carrier, Fitness, Concern, Perfect, Artist, Better, Democracy

    Level 11
    Wealthy, Profit, Ladder, Density, Widely, Business, Auction, Lawsuit, Particular

    Level 12
    Worker, Sandwich, Breach, Discover, Circle, Inform, Imagine, Indian, Destruction

    Level 13
    Strongly, Resemble, Justice, Adequate, Kitchen, Vendor, Object, Software, Crisis

    Level 14
    Prisoner, Numerous, Mystery, Injury, Needly, Equally, Adjust, Funnel, Comparison

    Level 15
    Infinity, Vampire, Relative, Official, Fragment, Builder, Cereal, Professional

    Level 16
    Hungry, Bullet, Accident, Element, Chamber, Thousand, Abroad, Butter, Definition

    Level 17
    Veteran, Reform, Civilian, Credit, Mountain, Amount, Explain, Regulate, Unicycle

    Level 18
    Umbrella, Persuade, Inquiry, Position, Viewer, Effect, Weekly, Visitor, Receiver

    Level 19
    Willing, Interest, Faculty, Throat, Coverage,Rhythm, Shower, Support, Effective

    Level 20
    Stranger, Ethnic, Modest, Decline, Dividend, Qualify, Travel, Buckle, Aggressive

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