Wordbrain Jellyfish Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Updated Cheats and Answers to Jellyfish puzzles level 1 to 20. Wordbrain cheats page is the one stop for solutions to all levels.

Level 1 – Toaster, Zipper, Honey, Stripe, Tie, Biscuit, No
Level 2 – Heart, Eat, Bald, Odd, Slippers, Chain, Swing, Nut
Level 3 – Fan, Fruit, Door, Grenade, Ladybug, Lamp, Barrel
Level 4 – Iron, Brick, Doorbell, Horse, Bag, Female, Arrow
Level 5 – Soup, Apple, Bedroom, Eyeball, Rocket, Knuckle
Level 6 – Panda, Bald, Safe, Upstairs, Ask, Dentist, Paint
Level 7 – Celery, Tie, Door, Think, Tail, Umbrella, Tomato
Level 8 – Wolf, Stairs, Fang, Steak, Hook, Igloo, Bow, Witch
Level 9 – Sofa, Olive, Pipe, Swan, Sausage, Patient, Happy
Level 10 – Root, Moon, Candle, Lighter, Butter, Stop, Medal
Level 11 – Cart, Cupboard, Eat, Cane, Swing, Grenade, Right
Level 12 – Uniform, Stop, Soap, Scooter, Toaster, Hat, Cane
Level 13 – Moon, Jam, Lamp, Jug, Dominoes, Percent, Picture
Level 14 – Earring, Prism, Medicine, Haystack, Festival
Level 15 – Mirror, Cyclops, Infinity, Pancake, Football
Level 16 – Beard, Turkey, Dustbin, Think, Fan, Thin, Anchor
Level 17 – Lighter, Witch, Rifle, Porridge, Gloves, Drill
Level 18 – Bedroom, Pumpkin, Shout, Ruler, Lava, Chair, Jar

Level 19 – Lens, Chair, Spray, Milk, Melon, Crown, Umbrella
Level 20 – Earth, Record, Piano, Hospital, Lemon, Hook, Tie


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