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If you need help with any of the puzzles or stuck in any of those levels comment below, We will be more than happy to help you out.


  1. unable to solve Octopus level 19 your answers on your site appear to be totally different to the letters i have can you help me the letters i have

    the first word is BONE then there is a 5 letter word & 2 8 letter words
    your help would be appreciated

  2. The answers of:
    Collar, cheek and dress do not work on my board, no matter which word goes first, which by the way–can only be collar. Then you can go absolutely no further.
    Help please!!

    • @Walter Start from right side of your screen, first letter will be collar(tip the R should be the left most 2nd row from the top). Next to be solved is dress, third should be Cheek.

    • @Eileen… Start with shoes from the middle, Then Peace.. Make sure the e on the top right is used when completing not the one down. Then solve wheel from right most side of the screen.. Then solve Slide from the middle bottom most row. Then Church from the left part of the screen. Followed by Smile from the right side of the screen… You can also check my video walkthrough.. Scroll down and start at 6:43. Hope this helps!!

    • Eileen. Also stuck on monkey. The first row is Doayle. figured out most of the words Cemetery, postcard record but couldn’t complete them. Had to use clues to confirm that I was right. Now I know for sure what all words are but can’t complete any. Wasted all those hints. Monkey is definitely FLAWED.
      Also hints just keep disappearing. Really pissed about that

    • First finish SILO from left top, then TALK you should find it once SILO gets completed. Then CHAIR from the bottom most on the right. Then AERIAL from the middle of the bottom most row. Then CEMETRY this also starts from the last row!! Then complete SWAN again from last row (will be the last column on the right). Then LORRY again last row. Then ICICLE from the row above the bottom row, NECKTIE will fall into place… Hope this helps!!

  3. i have finished level 15 on wordbrain most addictive, to my dismay I cannot find level 16 , I have also got someone else to try for me they had no luck either. Please help .

    Ps I play on iPad.

  4. I am stuck on Owl level 17. Please help. I have all the words but if I change them to get the word saucepan.. Nothing else works. They all work in order given but the last word won’t work

    • @Patti First solve FIELD first column bottom up, then CROW start from the bottom row second column and go to the top. Then BOW third column from top, then solve DOORBELL starting from last row. Then finally HORSE. hope this helps

  5. I cannot get past shark level puzzle 16. I know the words are collar, dress and cheek. But you cannot do dress or cheek before or after the word collar. Please help can’t move to the next puzzle.

  6. I am stuck on elephant level 7. Slippers just doesn’t work no matter how many times I try. The two “s” are right next to one another, so slipper with a leftover “s” is as close as I can get. The only other “s” in the puzzle is used in scale.

  7. I have the right words and verified through the hints that I do. But it will not recognize them. Very frustrating. I have rebooted phone a couple of times to see if that would fix it. No such luck. Wish I had not just ranked this a 4

  8. Turlte level, I know the words are fish and bread. But if I do fish first, then the letters won’t line up right for bread. And I can’t do bread first, because fish is in the middle! Please help!

  9. Level: Sheep 13 CHIMNEY was impossible to solve as the letters were not properly connected. There was no other word it could be. I got very frustrated so decided to purchase hints. Of course the first 3 letters were CHI but H was not connected to I nor was I connected to M. I don’t think I should be charged for this!! Then it wouldn’t allow me to finish up with the MNEY. Do you not have a proofreader to go over these before publishing?

  10. I am unable to complete level 5 of the Clown puzzle. I know the first word is soap, then apple. If I start with apple, it’s impossible to get soap, the way the letters are positioned as well as the other words. Can I please get some assistance. I’ve been stuck on this puzzle for two days. Thanks

  11. On Penguin 6
    Have solved :
    Obvious that the next is:

    There is no way to configure it Have reset several times minus the known words. Also. When I close it – it doesn’t save what I have done. Makes the game “not fun”.

    • @Claire , First start from left the first letter “R”, complete the word ROOF. Then the right most bottom “E”, completing EMPTY make sure to use the M about E and not the M diagonal to E. Then JUMP with J from the last ROW. Finally TIN. Hope this helps.

  12. I am stuck on Lion 12. I see others have posted the same problem but I see no answer or solution. I know the words but at the end either eye doesn’t line up without spaces or in order or pigsty doesn’t come together. I’ve solved the puzzle dozens of times to no avail. Please let me know how to get past this and go on to the next level.

  13. My game is not displaying correctly and it’s quite frustrating. I can hardly see the words because the tiles are basically placed over it. It’s a serious graphic issue and it’s not my device because my friends play fine. Please help, this is a good game and I would love to SEE what I am playing

  14. I m stuck on Octopus 3….the word Earth dont work…and there is the word idea not two earth in that game….can you help…I have done all the words til the end and have thrae at the end and wont go together…hmmm….

  15. I am stuck in rat, level 4. I know the answer is plane, igloo, and must be onions, but no matter which order or way I take igloo and plane, the letters ns do not connect properly to onio for me to complete onions and move to the next level. I do not like being stuck as I play this game quite frequently. Please help as I don’t know how this can be fixed. Very very frustrated!!

  16. I just got a new phone and I can’t figure out how to move the game from my old phone to the new phone so I don’t lose where I am. I have gotten pretty far in the game and I don’t want to start over. Any help in how to move it?

  17. i want to start over in wordbrain om my Galaxy Note 4 but when i uninstall it, then reinstall it, it puts me back at the same level and same number of hints left. is there a way to do this?

    • Thanks to Diana for this tutorial – Move the game to the sd card then unmounted the sd card on the old phone, found the data files on the sd card using the pc and moved them to the sd card of the new phone…thereby overwriting the folder on the new phone sd card which was at zero (never played)

  18. I just went to buy hints that were advertised as $16.99 AUD and had to pay $19.99 AUD because the phone would not let me cancel – even after I turned it off & re-started it. False Advertising and a low act.

  19. My wife and I are on level 13 sheep, have used 2 hints fore the last word and although it is obviously “chimney” it is impossible to complete the word and as such we are unable to continue.
    Bloody disappointing if this is going to be an ongoing problem !!!

    • The order of getting the words is important…if you already know that then chimney is the last word to get and the first word (the 3 letter one) is the first one to get and it can be solved 2 different ways. Try both ways and see if that helps.

  20. I’m stuck on sheep level 13. I have found the three words the last I believe to be chimney. Unfortunately with the layout of the letters you can’t make the word. Having no hints left I seem to be permanently stuck.

  21. My daughter downloaded this game on my phone and now she doesn’t want to play anymore, however I do. She was half way through. I tried uninstalling, clearing data and clearing the cache in several different orders and it sill comes up where she left off. Is there anyway to fix this?

  22. Just finished Alien lvl. 20 and next time I opened the app it had reset all the Alien levels like I had never done them.Are they going to add anymore levels and if they do am I going to have to redo them again?

  23. the levels on waiter are not the correct words to wordbrain solver and stuck on level 3 it leaves you with these letters and no matter what you are left with earnkigteo and the words are shorts iceberg waffle pig kick and the words above left over.

    • See my response above to GARRY post….

      “The order of getting the words is important…if you already know that then chimney is the last word to get and the first word (the 3 letter one) is the first one to get and it can be solved 2 different ways. Try both ways and see if that helps”

  24. Why do I have to keep repeating the alien level over and over why? This is frustrating did u guys forget about that or couldn’t think of maybe more levels
    Not to mention hints that were never awarded when you pass each pack oh and some words on the solver page are incorrect

  25. I’m fairly new to the game. I am on crab level 5, I know the answer, but it’s impossible to complete the second word “well” because the L’s are separated by the E. I need assistance, please!

  26. I have been stuck on level 8 on the teacher puzzle of word brain. I know all the words but can’t figure out the order of how it goes. I’ve tried every which way I can think of. If anyone could please help id greatly appreciate it.

  27. Sheep #13 the words are cap, record and chimney that is the only order allowed but when you get to chimney the letters don’e line up.
    This is my first post, hope I can figure out what’s wrong.

  28. I understand my mistake now after looking through all the emails but my game is now frozen. I”ve shut down and reopened but doesn’t seem to let me do anything. I found cap (although I now know it was the wrong c) I got hints for C in cap RE in record and the whole word for chimney. Don’t ask, it been a rough week.
    Any hints?

  29. in level nine – and previously, actually – there have been several instances where I’ve used hints ( a couple of times hints popped in by themselves! ) only to find that the word was one that I’d tried several times, but was rejected. what’s that all about?

  30. My wife and I have completed the game (alien) and now am repeating alien while she has an entire new deck to choose from, why? I’ve got a nexus 6 and she has an s6, I can’t update to the next set of levels!

  31. After the most recent update the app will not launch. I tried turning my device (iPhone 3GS) on and off again as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the app (even though I was in the Police pack). It still will not launch. I am incredibly irritated because this is my go-to activity whenever I have a few moments of rest during my son’s naptime. 🙁

  32. Cannot solve dinosaur level 2.
    Even following the step by step instructions it looks like the final ‘E’ for SUITCASE isn’t in the position noted. So I can’t get CYCLOPS as noted. I’m really struggling. Can anyone help?

  33. OK, let me try this again. I have an android Samsung Galaxy 4s and I’m wanting to restart or reset Word Brain. When I uninstall I clear cache and data and then I restart my phone. When I install Word Brain again all my old data is still there. Any ideas

      • I have already put in a comment but I don’t know how to contact Raul si I thought I would try this. On wolf 2 the clues that I have are not matching the answers you have. The board doesn’t even have the letters on the answers you have listed. I keep going back in to work on it but I’m stuck and can’t go any further. I would appreciate your help.

  34. I am on lion level 3. Answers are balls, camera, straw, smell. Now there are 4 letters left that can only spell calm. And it won’t take the word. Can’t go to next level cause it won’t take next word.

  35. I got a new phone. I moved the app to an SD card on my old phone so I wouldn’t have to start the game over. Now I can’t download the app from the SD card onto my new phone. It takes me back to level 1 if I download from the play store.

  36. Is it possible to reset wordbrain from scratch? I tried uninstalling it and re-installing it but it still has my old score, it just locks the packages back up but I want to restart it to how it is when you first download it, is that possible? Cause that’d be rad cx

  37. Well Raul my friend you seem to have your work cut here! I will try not to waste your time or bore you but….. What the f&ck do I do when the last word remaining in will not allow me to join together to make the word if very obviously is?!? I’m no genius… I’m on snail level but I still want to think that I am capable of being able to put the obvious last words together and finally pass the round that is starting to take over my life!!!!!

  38. I’ve been stuck on Policeman level 18, It’s not that I don’t know the words, it’s that I don’t know where to put them. I keep trying to place diagonal and beetroot into the puzzle and have been trying for days, and keep getting stuck on those two words. Can you help me, thanks! Marcy

  39. going back to Policeman level 18, I was able to put the words maze, corn, period, and stripe into the puzzle, but again, no where to fit diagonal and beetroot!! Please help if you can.

  40. I am paying for hints and not getting to use what I paid for because everytime I use a hint it subtracts 2 hints for every one hint I request. I would like to receive what I paid for or my money back.
    Not to mention the game does not understand that EARTH is the word but takes 10 hints to tell me that EARTH “is” the word.

  41. I know all the words to solve Rat Level 18, but there is no way to connect the letters. I have tried them in every order. I broke down and bought hints to make sure I had the right words (I did), but there was no way to connect them. I cannot proceed unless I buy more hints, so that it for me. It was a fun game, but not worth the money to buy hints if the letters cannot be connected.

  42. I am on penguin level 6. I have mirror and crow and the hint for the last word is to, but t and o aren’t connected so I can’t advance. I can see the word is tongue, but the letters are in the wrong order. I used up 2 hints to find this out.

  43. I have an android windows phone. My elephant levels DO NOT MATCH anyone else’s game. NONE OF THEM. Instead of them being titled “penguin level 4” it would be “penguin level 104”. I’ve been stuck on elephant level 17(or for me, 237). I’ve figured out two words (EVENT, BASH) but I’ve been stuck on this level for almost two weeks now. And the fact that my levels don’t match anyone else’s games or any cheats online has me a bit worried that there’s a glitch in my game.


      • Elephant 231 OR 11 on my phone could not possibly make those words either
        my letters are GEXAE
        I have made the words RELAXand MASSAGE but can get no further – Help please

        • Still waiting for help Raul regarding Elephant 11 –
          my letters are completely different as shown above so I can’t progress. Disappointing as I am going into hospital today and thought wordbrain would keep me occuplied.
          I am using a Windows phone

          • I have now managed to solve Elephant 11 although the words and letters are completely different to the ones shown on your answers page. I have now gone on to Whale and there again the letters are completely different. I don’t understand what is going on here Why am |I getting different letters please?
            An answer would be appreciated.

          • @Pamela… can you let me know the first row letters of your puzzle? I can use that to find out exactly as the levels are randomized now.

  44. Hi. I’m on Snake Level 130. I have found that there is only one sequence for the first word ‘necklace’ that brings the letters for the second word ‘dynamite’ adjacent. Is this the case? I cannot enter ‘dynamite’. When I get to the ‘i’, the preceeding letters disappear. What should I do? Many thanks for an engrossing game.

  45. My phone just upgraded to Android marshmallow, now the grids are different to my wife’s phone. For example my owl level 5 is the same as her owl level 17? My phone no lo get matches on any if the grids with the answers on this website.

    I have tried uninstalling and re-installing but it makes no difference.

  46. i just uninstalled and reinstalled since i got to a point where the game wasnt fun anymore, it was just too difficult. since then i have made it to penguin and have not had 1 hint added to the original 10 you get to start. ive even been sharing each level on fb to get the extra 3. i know ill need the hints in later puzzles and im not too happy they are not coming in. not sure what to do to fix this?

    • also i just did the share to fb for 10 extra hints and that didnt work, then did the rate our game for more hints and those didnt come in either. PLEASE tell me how to get all my hints!!!

  47. i reinstalled the game again to try to fix the problem and after the first level it took away my 10 free hints that you get when downloading. im not sure why, but i just uninstalled to try another time. i love this game and really hope these problems stop!!