Wordbrain Goldfish Cheats and Answers [Updated 2019]


These are the answers and cheats to all the 20 levels of Goldfish puzzles. If you need help to other levels check our Wordbrain Solver page.
Level 1 – Teapot, Icicle, Mirror, String, Shoulder, Dice
Level 2 – Question, Purse, Yacht, Ladder, Jar, Crack, Sofa
Level 3 – Kite, Shorts, Iceberg, Kick, Pig, Waffle, Orange
Level 4 – Crown, Potato, Tail, Slippers, Wink, Poison, Tin
Level 5 – Fruit, Crab, Bullet, Dominoes, Pencil, Reality
Level 6 – Goat, Chain, Ladder, Icicle, Milk, Shout, Banana
Level 7 – Ship, Customer, Section, Knee, Icicle, Surgery
Level 8 – Sausage, Flagpole, Doorbell, Idea, Path, Thick
Level 9 – Robot, Napkin, Switch, Teardrop, Muscle, Mouth
Level 10 – Monster, Ruler, Tongue, Orange, Earring, Trunk
Level 11 – Glass, Sandpit, Tomato, Left, Umbrella, Tie, Gap
Level 12 – Small, Stomach, Shower, Scarf, Think, Shoulder
Level 13 – Envelope, Shallow, Salt, Tourist, Raft, Window
Level 14 – Tug, Kitten, Lens, Peach, Crab, Pyramid, Whisper
Level 15 – Boots, Tomato, Lantern, Shout, Divide, Pumpkin
Level 16 – Haystack, Box, Yacht, Toaster, Padlock, Saddle
Level 17 – Bald, Spray, Sawdust, Ghost, Bedroom, Argument
Level 18 – Neck, Shield, Lighter, Chain, Buckle, Moth, Barn
Level 19 – Teardrop, Whisper, Chair, Empty, Wink, Vampire
Level 20 – Cookie, Palm, Wink, Plum, Sandpit, Poison, Globe


  1. goldfish levels 15 and 16. The puzzles I show do not match anything that is online help. I cannot make the words that are suggested and when I enter my top row of letters — no puzzles can be found? How do you move on? Does anyone even answer these comments?

  2. The description you have for Goldfish level 12 is different to the one I am playing. All words are the same except YOU have dustbin where on mine it is stomach. There are too many s and h in puzzle. Cannot get it in order.

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