Wordbrain Goblin Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Goblin pack levels 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. Need help to any specific level check our wordbrainsolver page.
Level 1 – differ, opinion, trustee, satisfy, subject, location, downtown, romantic, income
Level 2 – goldfish, function, junction, unusual, channel, mostly, portray, announce, quite
Level 3 – crisis, running, freeze, colonel, tribunal, reveal, changing, surgery, reference
Level 4 – pumpkin, veteran, activity, finance, stream, musical, initial, eastern, violence
Level 5 – fantasy, episode, journey, birthday, remain, premium, utility, testify, shopping
Level 6 – office, consider, derive, account, victim, decide, numerous, winner, participate
Level 7 – select, haystack, duration, database, border, Congress, landing, anything, devil
Level 8 – official, spending, mirror, decision, affair, wealth, forest, sister, reflection
Level 9 – contract, business, magnet, paddle, benefit, forever, ceremony, external, beside
Level 10 – feather, training, toward, opposite, analyst, convert, medicine, society, recall
Level 11 – surprise, detailed, retire, taxation, wealthy, island, resident, threaten, where
Level 12 – talent, soldier, rubbish, toaster, document, probably, stereo, shortage, include
Level 13 – propose, nobody, gender, heaven, broken, national, friend, branch, element, saving
Level 14 – woodpile, formal, proposal, perfect, sickle, expect, ultimate, explore, whenever
Level 15 – assure, presence, ethics, wedding, inspire, reading, activist, involve, minority
Level 16 – oppose, banana, disaster, category, directly, economic, friendly, presidential
Level 17 – replace, massive, summit, universe, achieve, criminal, analyze, aircraft, common
Level 18 – exceed, padlock, entrance, people, creative, copper, digital, closer, proportion
Level 19 – variable, output, warmth, stripe, casualty, faculty, existing, respond, colonial
Level 20 – receive, peasant, express, various, hammer, tenant, holiday, answer, perspective


  1. Goblin Level 20: Receive, Peasant, Express, Various, Hammer, Tenant, Holiday, Answer, Perspective

    Possibly related to the holiday punch, but I found this particular one very difficult! Happy holidays everyone!

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