Wordbrain Ghost Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Here are the answers to Ghost Level 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. One of the toughest level in the next few packs is Martian, check it out here.
Wordbrain Ghost Level 1 – nuclear, teenager, ultimate, surface, airport, carrot, period, physical, pyramid
Wordbrain Ghost Level 2 – recent, hardly, unknown, single, prayer, research, throat, narrow, woodpile, solar
Wordbrain Ghost Level 3 – ticket, ceremony, expect, vacation, cotton, legend, mostly, United, particularly
Wordbrain Ghost Level 4 – consider, chairman, singer, please, cinema, unlike, filter, channel, composition
Wordbrain Ghost Level 5 – freedom, enable, slightly, relation, profit, landlord, kitten, scooter, observer
Wordbrain Ghost Level 6 – civilian, charge, measure, observe, writing, fishing, unusual, security, quarter
Wordbrain Ghost Level 7 – acquire, peasant, utility, regional, exceed, control, should, business, position
Wordbrain Ghost Level 8 – ancient, insist, forest, service, frequent, locate, decline, reason, investigate
Wordbrain Ghost Level 9 – general, copper, change, starfish, protein, mountain, better, culture, spokesman


Wordbrain Ghost Level 10 – describe, winter, shower, divide, stilts, grapes, edition, player, question, ready
Wordbrain Ghost Level 11 – testify, cherry, famous, figure, numerous, itself, anywhere, exposure, accompany
Wordbrain Ghost Level 12 – center, project, correct, inform, soldier, lifetime, exactly, vertical, particle
Wordbrain Ghost Level 13 – instead, around, nobody, realize, familiar, training, proposed, mother, property
Wordbrain Ghost Level 14 – radical, paddle, beneath, whisper, foreign, creditor, receipt, quietly, bathroom
Wordbrain Ghost Level 15 – earring, brother, supposed, emperor, policy, educator, emphasis, somewhat, smile
Wordbrain Ghost Level 16 – religion, editor, moreover, capable, shield, facility, petrol, deserve, resident
Wordbrain Ghost Level 17 – corridor, chapter, properly, worker, consume, annual, flower, adviser, reduction
Wordbrain Ghost Level 18 – fortune, variable, prevent, however, closely, nowhere, borrow, leather, princess
Wordbrain Ghost Level 19 – sentence, organic, continue, senior, stripe, derive, murder, future, instruction
Wordbrain Ghost Level 20 – interval, treasury, script, imagine, afford, magnet, district, perhaps, response

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  1. I am stuck on ghost level . I can get all the words in what I think is the right order but always end up with 1, 2 or 2 letters separated from being able to finish the last word requirement. Is there a clue of what I’m doing wrong.

  2. My wife and I enjoy this game. I often get hints by playing the commercials that frequently are available to me; I play this on an iPhone. My wife, in her iPad, the game version she has never offers a hint; she even played the “Daily holiday challenge” and others to earn some hints, but never received these. I thought she might delete from her iPad this app and download it again, but my concern is she would have to start from the beginning again. So, what needs to be done for her to earn, as I do, free hints, without having to start to play from the very beginning? She is at ghost #12.

  3. Level 14 (not sure what category) is not possible to solve. I purchased 10 hints anyway, and it filled in the answers and the puzzle is “solved” and yet it won’t let us move on. The words are ghost, shoelace, and cup. I hope you can fix this because everyone in my household, including my 94-yr-old mother, loves playing wordbrain.Thank you!

  4. These puzzle boards were published in 2017. I’m having a problem solving, wordbrain ghost level 7. My board is completely different than what’s shown here. Maybe it’s bc of the 10 star words, whatever it is can someone help plz

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