Wordbrain Genie Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Genine level pack 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. If you need help with tougher levels like Gnome, check them out here.
Level 1 – dominant, equation, settle, absolute, critic, versus, surgery, arrival, violence
Level 2 – credit, another, stripe, herself, sphere, feature, except, headline, imagination
Level 3 – teenager, bathroom, concrete, spinach, drawing, flight, designer, contribution
Level 4 – preserve, seminar, income, diverse, disease, monster, suggest, plenty, container
Level 5 – perfect, sector, squeeze, however, brother, sandwich, limited, cactus, attention
Level 6 – emperor, suddenly, storage, chainsaw, spring, capable, sausage, budget, complain
Level 7 – zodiac, bishop, terrace, remember, liberty, require, possess, operate, virtually
Level 8 – describe, search, estimate, apparent, depict, boundary, wisdom, fourth, directly
Level 9 – practice, numerous, listen, identify, priest, sequence, action, ordinary, anchor
Level 10 – pension, motion, regular, reporter, pleasure, running, custom, tongue, technique
Level 11 – relate, assume, deficit, release, trading, symbol, unicycle, holiday, membership
Level 12 – suppose, evolve, forever, subject, housing, capital, control, double, opposition
Level 13 – whether, magazine, butcher, compound, return, backpack, ministry, occasionally
Level 14 – scissors, import, fashion, vision, banana, glance, shopping, formal, improvement
Level 15 – accurate, unusual, easily, attend, artist, funnel, properly, matter, destruction
Level 16 – captain, molecule, elderly, category, bottle, shoulder, literary, specifically
Level 17 – conduct, gesture, medicine, nearly, infant, wander, writer, whenever, nomination
Level 18 – goldfish, summer, review, upstairs, better, appoint, attorney, county, emphasize
Level 19 – battle, likely, whisper, invasion, always, crisis, strange, aerial, conservative
Level 20 – province, empire, discount, develop, surely, mainly, missile, create, commitment


  1. Genie Level 1
    Dominant, Equation, Settle, Absolute, Critic, Versus, Surgery, Arrival, Violence

    Genie Level 2
    Credit, Another, Stripe, Herself, Sphere, Feature, Except, Headline, Imagination

    Genie Level 3
    Teenager, Bathroom, Concrete, Spinach, Drawing, Flight, Designer, Contribution

    Genie Level 4
    Preserve, Seminar, Income, Diverse, Disease, Monster, Suggest, Plenty, Container

    Genie Level 5
    Perfect, Section, Squeeze, However, Brother, Sandwich, Limited, Cactus, Attention

    Genie Level 6
    Emperor, Suddenly, Storage, Chainsaw, Spring, Capable, Sausage, Budget, Complain

    Genie Level 7
    Zodiac, Bishop, Terrace, Remember, Liberty, Require, Possess, Operare, Virtually

    Genie Level 8
    Describe, Search, Estimate, Apparent, Depict, Boundary, Wisdom, Fourth, Directly

    Genie Level 9
    Practice, Numerous, Listen, Identify, Priest, Sequence, Action, Ordinary, Anchor

    Genie Level 10
    Pension, Motion, Regular, Reporter, Pleasure, Running, Custom, Tongue, Technique

    Genie Level 11
    Relate, Assume, Deficit, Release, Trading, Symbol, Unicycle, Holiday, Membership

    Genie Level 12
    Suppose, Evolve, Forever, Subject, Housing, Capital, Control, Double, Opposition

    Genie Level 13
    Whether, Magazine, Butcher, Compound, Return, Backpack, Ministry, Occasionally

    Genie Level 14
    Scissors, Import, Fashion, Vision, Banana, Glance, Shopping, Formal, Improvement

    Genie Level 15
    Accurate, unusual, Easily, Attend, Artist, Funnel, Property, Matter, Destruction

    Genie Level 16
    Captain, Molecule, Elderly, Category, Bottle, Shoulder, Literary, Specifically

    Genie Level 17
    Conduct, Gesture, Medicine, Nearly, Infant, Wander, Writer, Whenever, Nomination

    Genie Level 18
    Goldfish, Summer, Review, Upstairs, Better, Appoint, Attorney, County, Emphasize

    Genie Level 19
    Battle, likely, Whisper, Invasion, Always, Crisis, Stranger, Aerial, Conservative

    Genie Level 20
    Province, Empire, Discount, Develop, Surely, Mainly, Missile, Create, Commitment

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