Wordbrain Fox Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Fox Level 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. Need help with other packs, then check our homepage.
Wordbrain Fox Level 1 – Palm, Nose, Bacon, Waffle, Wing, Duckling, Full, Mountain, Rocket
Wordbrain Fox Level 2 – Dice, Tooth, Language, Wheel, Bed, Plum, Doorbell, Umbrella, Shin
Wordbrain Fox Level 3 – Haystack, Tennis, Tug, Punch, Saw, Stern, Window, Jacket, Surgery
Wordbrain Fox Level 4 – Compass, Igloo, Football, Trophy, Thin, Gloves, Root, Sign, Sword
Wordbrain Fox Level 5 – Loop, Fish, Swing, Doctor, Overlap, South, Turtle, Drip, Knife, Jar
Wordbrain Fox Level 6 – Tug, Shield, Odd, Sink, Teapot, Barbell, Mouse, Kick, Skis, Vampire
Wordbrain Fox Level 7 – Chainsaw, Lawn, Bedroom, Pancake, Patient, Moss, Neck, Cup, Witch
Wordbrain Fox Level 8 – Scarf, Flagpole, Maze, Teapot, Table, Multiply, Cactus, Kitchen
Wordbrain Fox Level 9 – Root, Flagpole, Bat, Silo, Smile, Oxygen, Doghouse, Dream, Paddle
Wordbrain Fox Level 10 – Silo, Talk, Chair, Aerial, Cemetery, Swan, Clock, Icicle, Necktie
Wordbrain Fox Level 11 – Igloo, Brick, Doorbell, Goat, Butcher, Brush, Wide, Record, South
Wordbrain Fox Level 12 – Duck, Corn, Witch, Cereal, World, Oar, Cat, Block, Jacket, Customer
Wordbrain Fox Level 13 – Pliers, Lapel, Knee, Crown, Saucer, Robot, Talk, Shoelace, Coffee
Wordbrain Fox Level 14 – Boot, Doll, Patient, Pen, Bat, Painter, Skull, Shoes, Kayak, Pigsty
Wordbrain Fox Level 15 – Fist, Cabbage, Haystack, Straw, Jam, Petal, Umbrella, Sugar, Jump
Wordbrain Fox Level 16 – Glass, Mast, Apple, Saucer, Muscle, Left, Ghost, Pie, Bread, Anchor
Wordbrain Fox Level 17 – Trowel, Turtle, File, Shout, Edge, Timber, Church, Middle, Puzzle
Wordbrain Fox Level 18 – Suitcase, Heel, Purse, Loop, Paddle, Cupboard, Mountain, Garden
Wordbrain Fox Level 19 – Purse, Idea, Carrot, Field, Dart, Onion, Scissors, Smile, Victory
Wordbrain Fox Level 20 – Mail, Horse, Bat, Balloon, Helmet, Bee, Monster, File, Safe, Tennis

Fox WB 1 to 20 Step by Step Video

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  1. Here I am again stuck on level 12 of fox, I have solved the first half of the puzzle on the right but I can’t find a way to get vertical or swing. I have tried every which way and I am lost. I am so frustrated.

  2. I can’t seem to pass fox level 13. My grid does not look the same as the one on this page although the words seem the same. I can get the first four words to fit and then am totally stuck. I have been working on this for days!

  3. Fox level 2 impossible. I do not understand how you get ‘language’ even though I know ‘language’ is the word I figured that out. got so frustrated because there was no way to get to it had the Hints fill it in but still does not seem possible to get it from where I’m looking at my puzzle there’s no way to get from G to UA. If it were an error how did over 60,000 solve? Frustrated

  4. I know this might be an old version but cannot complete Fox level 2 despite knowing all the words-it is impossible ! Anyone know how to move on to the next puzzle if you cannot complete ?

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