Wordbrain Fairy Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Here are the answers to Fairy Level 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. If you need help with Martian pack, check the link here.
Level 1 – ignore, popular, darling, beyond, resemble, trouble, listen, network, confidence
Level 2 – occupy, detailed, decline, receiver, moderate, cactus, molecule, running, summer
Level 3 – stable, discover, normal, unable, disaster, princess, achieve, tongue, testimony
Level 4 – cabbage, fiction, killing, module, delivery, yourself, dismiss, inquiry, mission
Level 5 – species, mention, specific, chemical, exercise, doorway, handle, imagine, winner
Level 6 – activist, suspect, within, desire, treasury, Congress, original, button, compose
Level 7 – guitar, padlock, obvious, weakness, woodpile, strange, pressure, beauty, toaster
Level 8 – copper, hospital, council, command, payment, school, trustee, majority, swimming
Level 9 – painting, doctrine, series, investor, middle, culture, analyze, fabric, chainsaw
Level 10 – teenager, trainer, slippers, powder, regional, connect, victory, breast, besides
Level 11 – welfare, remove, protect, helpful, double, landing, opinion, customer, literally
Level 12 – flight, stream, restore, previous, relative, holder, waffle, shelter, interested
Level 13 – poetry, concern, comedy, vertical, interest, orange, battery, strong, experience
Level 14 – clinical, college, official, around, devote, extend, bullet, servant, tablespoon
Level 15 – journal, select, prayer, county, pyramid, coffee, flower, miracle, clearly, bottom
Level 16 – social, discuss, electric, trader, biscuit, reveal, declare, perform, employment
Level 17 – intend, person, ticket, spectrum, cotton, absence, tennis, dynamite, politically
Level 18 – stress, pliers, preserve, witness, manager, abroad, lifetime, criteria, occasion
Level 19 – mountain, diagonal, magazine, emission, hardly, invest, absolute, photographer
Level 20 – member, camera, nearby, tricycle, properly, rhythm, analyst, pretend, increasing


  1. Fairy Level 12
    Grid across — o t e s e d f I
    Have all 9 words. flight, stream, restore, previous, relative, holder, waffle, shelter, interested
    Is there a certain order the words should be played?

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