WordBrain Elephant Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Our Elephant pack answers are upto date with step by step videos incase you need help in solving a level. There are 20 levels in this pack and we have made sure to answer each one of them. So incase we have missed anything please comment below and we will look into fixing them. Check our master solutions page incase you need help for other puzzles.
Level 1 – Patch, Ask, Fan, Bathroom, Stripe
Level 2 – Raincoat, Smoke, Lollipop, Fang
Level 3 – Umbrella, Fan, House, Male, Balls
Level 4 – Field, Crow, Bow, Doorbell, Horse
Level 5 – Trophy, Balloon, Honey, Egg, Sing
Level 6 – Woodpile, Buckle, Painter, Hook
Level 7 – Scale, Fruit, Book, Slippers, Egg
Level 8 – Fence, Timber, Handball, Gloves
Level 9 – Edge, Joker, Tug, Trunk, Infinity
Level 10 – Slippers, Period, Olive, Bullet
Level 11 – Elk, Percent, Cane, Cabbage, Wing
Level 12 – Stop, Bedroom, Vampire, Vitamin
Level 13 – Deep, Hatchet, Socks, Moth, Earth
Level 14 – Belt, Sword, Board, Banana, Noose
Level 15 – No, Pigsty, Iron, Pancake, Poison
Level 16 – Book, Bag, Oval, Box, Bolt, Log, Fold
Level 17 – Patient, Cyclops, Bullet, Purse
Level 18 – Mouse, Sugar, Tie, Dustbin, Ruler
Level 19 – Headband, Camera, Hatchet, Shin
Level 20 – Toilet, Dinosaur, Earring, Wolf


  1. Can anyone help. I got to Elephant level 15 and found it impossible to solve. I know all the words but can’t get the answers to line up. I found a customer service email address about a week ago and sent a request for help but never heard back. I can’t move forward, used 16 hints for which I had to pay. No help yet but they take my money. Thanks.

  2. Can’t get the letters 2 match up in Elephant 2 I no what they are people kind and sense any help please

  3. Elephant Level 10 needs correction: The word should be Steak, not Strak. Need to check your answers more carefully.

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