Wordbrain Dwarf Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Dwarf pack levels 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. If you need help to tougher packs like Ogre check the link here.
Level 1 – triplets, receipt, arrival, bother, advance, overlook, chapter, marble, observer
Level 2 – sample, bullet, supplier, install, sergeant, compose, airline, absence, document
Level 3 – witness, province, deficit, casualty, shortly, breast, heritage, manner, consent
Level 4 – center, shooting, portion, annual, overbite, nearly, adviser, filter, permission
Level 5 – together, doghouse, funeral, champion, indicate, curious, source, increasingly
Level 6 – resist, threaten, follow, cookie, running, roughly, towards, relative, according
Level 7 – deliver, program, leaflet, struggle, disorder, stable, friendly, unicycle, alone
Level 8 – female, ordinary, protein, hunter, special, approval, native, traffic, household
Level 9 – evidence, method, creation, expose, depend, rocket, prayer, exercise, subsequent
Level 10 – initial, consumer, compass, include, whenever, revenue, solution, presidential
Level 11 – amount, frequent, diagonal, credit, accident, industry, nuclear, wander, English
Level 12 – average, window, product, editor, severe, weapon, molecule, scissors, regulation
Level 13 – warmth, outline, regular, antenna, without, constant, collect, actual, elsewhere
Level 14 – pursue, choose, instead, resident, previous, pension, ladder, propose, supporter
Level 15 – designer, trainer, detect, addition, consider, herself, bright, capital, extreme
Level 16 – specimen, record, people, recruit, demand, advocate, movement, satisfy, proposal
Level 17 – multiple, vessel, slippers, prefer, cinema, standing, whereas, comfort, alliance
Level 18 – effort, trouble, colony, permit, because, decline, poetry, makeup, medical, abroad
Level 19 – maintain, priest, tissue, powder, separate, formula, zipper, channel, vulnerable
Level 20 – schedule, curtain, unique, loyalty, active, refuse, birthday, colonial, survivor


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