Wordbrain Dolphin Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Wordbrain Dolphin levels 1 to 20. If you need help with solutions to other levels check our main page – https://wordbrainsolver.com/
Level 1 – Mittens, Travel, Hatchet, Fold, Ball, Pie, Sugar
Level 2 – Overlap, Necklace, Compass, Attitude, Corner
Level 3 – Peace, Knife, Midnight, Cashier, Box, Nose, Spot
Level 4 – Doghouse, Negative, Hook, Ship, Dentist, Thumb
Level 5 – Ghost, Cube, Hoe, Puzzle, Scales, Straw, Cashier
Level 6 – Book, Camera, Petal, Log, Scale, Customer, Grass
Level 7 – Necktie, Kick, Trouble, Lemon, Pancake, Mirror
Level 8 – Arm, Ham, Wink, Patient, Money, Grapes, Question
Level 9 – Lapel, Money, Arrow, Full, Mail, Thin, Onions, Box
Level 10 – Cheek, Dream, Stilts, Percent, Football, Swing
Level 11 – Thick, Shallow, Pillar, Napkin, Postcard, Swan
Level 12 – Pumpkin, Lamp, Bolt, Spinach, Tweezers, Trowel
Level 13 – Pepper, Bell, Umbrella, South, Dentist, Pliers
Level 14 – Elbow, Chin, Rifle, Wink, Fork, Odd, Purse, Sun, Pie
Level 15 – Grenade, Mince, Knuckle, Ask, Shield, Boot, Root
Level 16 – Slide, Plate, Cabbage, Oval, Wolf, Mince, Paddle
Level 17 – Well, Sugar, Wink, Jump, Lantern, Tooth, Necktie
Level 18 – Bald, Suitcase, Door, Sword, Floor, Scar, Shower
Level 19 – Money, Protein, Globe, Sail, Oval, Icicle, Scarf
Level 20 – Rocket, Milk, Paint, Tennis, Negative, Hatchet


  1. Can someone help me with the order of the words on dolphin level 18? I have been stuck for days with a r that I can not get to link up to end “jar”. I know all the words but not the correct solution. Thx!

  2. Trying to get right order dolphin level 12. Looked on web for help but the sequence of letters are not the same as mine? First line is Rtoueb, 2 ehciit, 3 ponste, 4 ypepit, 5 intras, 6 ezisot. Can anyone help, Chris

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