Dinosaur Level 12


Dinosaur 12


Wordbrain Dinosaur Level – 12 – Comb, Male, Marble, Snail, Timber, Senior, Goat, Jump, Meat, Fork, Tall, Left, Chin, Witch
Here is the Step by Step Video for Wordbrain Dinosaur Level 12

First Row Letters – IHHTAEFR

Here is the link to walkthrough video of Wordbrain Dinosaur Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


  1. Dinosaur Level 12 is Senior instead of faucet and it is tricky but possible…
    Comb- straight down
    Male- 4th from left 2nd up for M, A up and right, L & E to the right.
    Marble- 3rd from the right do MARB, then up to the left for L E.
    Snail- follow letters.
    Goat- G up to O left to A up to T.
    Meat- 3rd up on left for M right to E up to A right to T.
    The rest on the left are fairly easy – Fork, Jump, Tall, Left & Witch.
    On the right is Timber, leaving Chin sitting on top of Senior.
    Hope this helps

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