Wordbrain Cyborg Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Here are the answers to Cyborg Level 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. You can find solutions to Flamingo pack here.
Level 1 – program, everyone, infinity, shoulder, cookie, finish, darkness, stimulus, verse
Level 2 – outcome, propose, serious, active, weight, routine, acquire, council, reputation
Level 3 – league, platform, average, positive, opinion, briefly, neither, clinic, normally
Level 4 – studio, jacket, identify, restore, symptom, instinct, capital, decrease, storage
Level 5 – invest, chainsaw, widely, trainer, barrel, teenager, region, declare, politician
Level 6 – derive, fraction, sanction, material, outside, ceremony, cabinet, intellectual
Level 7 – tonight, strategy, producer, security, corridor, factor, rocket, format, premise
Level 8 – handle, exhibit, surely, impress, daughter, border, cheese, stripe, contemporary
Level 9 – negative, shooting, normal, activity, handful, disaster, stomach, photographer
Level 10 – pretty, suitcase, complain, wonder, homeless, escape, French, purchase, personal
Level 11 – enhance, whenever, visual, listen, recruit, devote, unusual, headline, prominent
Level 12 – origin, literary, portrait, directly, justice, capable, cousin, defend, goldfish
Level 13 – sympathy, artist, lesson, painting, object, choice, shower, smooth, conventional
Level 14 – succeed, supreme, distinct, lifetime, variable, subsidy, lecture, championship
Level 15 – religion, cooking, ambition, fishing, triplets, eastern, switch, quietly, twelve
Level 16 – research, database, kingdom, reflect, medical, discuss, trading, division, villa
Level 17 – tongue, transfer, slightly, temple, sustain, mutual, accuracy, carrot, according
Level 18 – hearing, actual, cannon, mostly, carrier, writing, modest, reform, properly, mayor
Level 19 – remember, largely, shadow, everyday, capacity, pavement, collar, extreme, versus
Level 20 – graduate, employ, pleasure, crystal, assess, vampire, around, general, volunteer


  1. Thought I had posted these already, but apparently not

    Level 18: Hearing, Actual, Cannon, Mostly, Carrier, Writing, Modest, Reform, Properly, Mayor

    Level 19: Remember, Largely, Shadow, Everyday, Capacity, Pavement, Collar, Extreme, Versus

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