Wordbrain Crocodile Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Crocodile Level 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. Need help with Raven Pack, check our Raven page.
Level 1 – Picture, Bedroom, Bacon, Collar, Face, Shallow
Level 2 – Dice, Medicine, Box, Bottle, Haystack, Beehive
Level 3 – Premium, Chicken, Twins, Clown, Grapes, Cereal
Level 4 – Mince, Fruit, Happy, Kitchen, Poison, Doorbell
Level 5 – Cabbage, Pear, Lamp, Joker, Robot, Balloon, Cart
Level 6 – Rocket, Cashier, Monster, Bomb, Teapot, Divide
Level 7 – Smoke, Corner, Duck, Nail, Straw, Field, Lantern
Level 8 – Slippers, Vampire, Suitcase, Ask, Root, Toilet
Level 9 – Cupboard, Mince, Root, Brush, Milk, Lapel, Drink
Level 10 – Shirt, Tin, Large, Shoelace, Idea, Muscle, Melon
Level 11 – Chainsaw, Eyeball, Dinosaur, Apple, Hoe, Whale
Level 12 – Melon, Vitamin, Talk, Mushroom, Trombone, Cake
Level 13 – Gap, Unicycle, Silo, Spinach, Period, Mail, Stop
Level 14 – Gun, Plane, Swan, Rifle, Porridge, Wing, Dentist
Level 15 – Crow, Stereo, Bee, Heel, Stern, Scale, Fist, Fence
Level 16 – Monkey, Butter, Carrot, Stereo, Lens, Drip, Path
Level 17 – Scooter, Chair, Corner, Empty, Igloo, Mosquito
Level 18 – Maze, Corn, Stripe, Diagonal, Period, Facility
Level 19 – Cufflink, Saw, Kite, Grenade, Jump, Shout, Cheek
Level 20 – Pyramid, Fence, Heart, Muscle, Rope, Think, Cart


  1. Hi, I am halfway through Crocodile, and this morning (4th Feb 2016) the app froze, then disappeared from my ipad! I think this coincided with an upgrade? If I reinstall, will I have to start again? Couldn’t bear it and would abandon the challenge altogether.

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