WordBrain Cat Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


Find solutions to all the 20 levels of Cat, the puzzles were recently updated and we have take time to solve them with step by step video walkthrough. If you are done with this you might need help with Elephant puzzles.
Level 1 – Magnet, Egg, Pumpkin
Level 2 – Period, Spray, Medal
Level 3 – Sofa, Toy, Barrel, Pet
Level 4 – Chimney, Stripe, Box
Level 5 – Straw, Key, Steak, Pie
Level 6 – Pirate, Cabbage, Sad
Level 7 – Collar, Paint, Nurse
Level 8 – Label, Eagle, Cactus
Level 9 – Crab, Down, Slippers
Level 10 – Medicine, Football
Level 11 – Bullet, Ladder, Blow
Level 12 – Straw, Screw, Pirate
Level 13 – Bee, Clothing, Peace
Level 14 – Timber, Turtle, Swan
Level 15 – Nail, Pen, Barrel, Cap
Level 16 – Pliers, Lip, Mittens
Level 17 – Dice, Chair, Mail, Owl
Level 18 – Owl, Gap, Shirt, Yacht
Level 19 – Shorts, Field, Olive
Level 20 – Happy, Rocket, Scarf


  1. cat 12 on wordbrian is showing a 8×8 puzzle first word support please help whats going on it shouldn’t be that big of a puzzle

  2. cat CKRS is suppose to be Collar/Dress/Cheek but there is no way to connect those letters that I can see. Anyone have a suggestion? If one can’t complete a game how do you move on?

  3. cat level 16: the words are coconut/loop/ocean. After swiping coconut & loop in all possible orders and tile combos it is not possible to get the tiles for the word ocean to line up to solve the puzzle. Help.

  4. The cat level ckrs does not work out. I know the words are collar dress and cheek but the letter placements won’t let one make these words

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