Wordbrain Alien Answers and Cheats [Updated 2019]


These are the updated answers to Wordbrain Alien Level 1 to 20 with step by step video walkthrough. One of the most difficult puzzle pack is Flamingo, if you need help with that, check it out.
Level 1 – Dynamite, Rabbit, Steak, Path, Cheek, Feather, Headline, Collar
Level 2 – Elephant, Bomb, Lollipop, Talk, Fence, Igloo, Box, Cyclops, Cabin
Level 3 – Slide, Tall, Middle, Listen, Joker, Eagle, Fish, Peach, Pen, Trowel
Level 4 – Skirt, Prisoner, Dinosaur, Question, Bow, Heart, Flagpole, Cube
Level 5 – Skirt, Corner, Soap, Turtle, Scooter, Happy, House, Board, Tongue
Level 6 – Sock, Teapot, Pancake, Think, Maze, Spirit, Giant, Olive, Charity
Level 7 – Boots, Olive, Missile, Meat, Saw, Clown, Tweezers, Pump, Saucepan
Level 8 – Switch, Jump, Kitten, Stereo, Lemon, Cream, Stern, Kick, Medicine
Level 9 – Blanket, Punch, Hook, Chain, Scooter, Shirt, Meat, Cherry, Tennis
Level 10 – Bedroom, Elk, Straw, Launch, Cufflink, Noose, Jam, Path, Envelope
Level 11 – Chainsaw, Banana, College, Book, Stinger, Castle, Think, Flower
Level 12 – Owl, Fence, Socks, Shield, Muscle, Full, Knuckle, Biscuit, Stairs
Level 13 – Mince, Feather, Woodpile, Moon, Pie, Elk, Sofa, Big, Cyclops, Nurse
Level 14 – Moth, Soap, Snorkel, Mince, Ferry, Tree, Bat, Stilts, Bite, Bag, Neck
Level 15 – Neck, Envelope, Cheek, Pigsty, Female, Anchor, Necktie, Ship, Bow
Level 16 – Wolf, Toaster, Moon, Soup, Council, Scooter, Comb, Milk, Golf, Neck
Level 17 – Sail, Picture, Mince, Thick, Elephant, Olive, Cake, Ghost, Saucer
Level 18 – Bat, Elephant, Spot, Castle, Percent, Wing, Cactus, Aerial, Truck
Level 19 – Tall, Teardrop, Nail, Hatchet, Multiply, Fist, Goldfish, Shovel
Level 20 – Ghost, Ruler, Medicine, Postcard, Target, Shower, Cat, Goat, Bite


  1. Wordbrain has stopped working on my iPhone. I was on puzzle 19 of the Alien level. I miss wordbrain! What can I do to get it working again?

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