Wordbrain 2 Voyager Buildings Answers


These are the updated answers of 2019 to Wordbrain 2 Buildings (Word Voyager8×8)
Wordbrain 2 Buildings Level 1 – Granary, Apartment, Hostel, College, Brewery, Bunker, Temple, Cottage, Warehouse
Wordbrain 2 Buildings Level 2 – Greenhouse, Bungalow, Orphanage, Courthouse, Arsenal, Church, Barn, Lighthouse
Wordbrain 2 Buildings Level 3 – Hotel, Hospital, Dormitory, Mosque, Factory, Library, Monastery, Stable, Academy
Wordbrain 2 Buildings Level 4 – Asylum, Palace, Cinema, Parliament, Cathedral, Mansion, Convent, Museum, Cannery
Wordbrain 2 Buildings Level 5 – Restaurant, Airport, Prison, School, Embassy, Barracks, Synagogue, Castle, Igloo

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  1. Level 1
    Granary apartment hostel college brewery bunker temple cottage camper van
    Level 2
    Greenhouse bungalow orphanage courthouse arsenal church barn lighthouse
    Level 3
    Hotel hospital dormitory mosque factory library monastery stable academy
    Level 4
    Warehouse asylum palace cinema parliament cathedral houseboat motor home
    Level 5
    Restaurant airport prison school embassy barracks synagogue castle igloo

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