Wordbrain 2 Traveller Travel Answers


These are the updated answers of 2019 to Wordbrain 2 Travel (Word Traveller8×8)
Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 1 – Voyage, City, Souvenir, Suitcase, Safari, Tour, Hostel, Postcard, Photograph, Boat
Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 2 – Insurance, Airport, Countryside, Restaurant, Ferry, Hotel, Mountain, Itinerary
Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 3 – Ticket, Luggage, Landmark, Flight, Caravan, Reservation, Cabin, Village, Customs
Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 4 – Passport, Globetrotter, Resort, Exploration, Food, Backpacking, Railway, Coach
Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 5 – Leisure, Beach, Sightseeing, Cruise, Camping, Lodge, Museum, Camera, Plane, Hiking

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  1. Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 1
    Voyage, city, souvenir, suitcase, safari, tour, hostel, postcard, photograph, boat.

    Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 2
    insurance, airport, countryside, restaurant, ferry, hotel, mountain, itinerary.

    Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 3
    ticket, luggage, landmark, flight, caravan, reservation, cabin, village, customs.

  2. Travel
    Level 4
    Passport, globetrotter, resort, exploration, food, backpacking, railway, coach
    Level 5
    Leisure, beach, sightseeing, cruise, camping, lodge, museum, camera, plane, hiking

    Level 1
    Morning, century, minute, tonight, meridian, decade, horology, era, jubilee, today
    Level 2
    Yesterday, past, bicentennial, eon, sunset, night, moment, pendulum, hour, evening
    Level 3
    Chronological, watch, second, sundial, millennium, calendar, jiffy, generation
    Level 4
    Hourglass, fortnight, month, present, epoch, millisecond, noon, sunrise, digital
    Level 5
    Future, midday, afternoon, clock, tomorrow, season, year, semester, date, lifetime

    Level 1
    Arrest, weapon, felony, investigation, assault, trespassing, hijacking, victim
    Level 2
    Forgery, judge, abduction, warrant, witness, convict, forensics, probation, jury
    Level 3
    Prisoner, evidence, autopsy, laboratory, smuggling, gangster, trial, blackmail
    Level 4
    Testimony, suspect, sabotage, culprit, accomplice, fugitive, detective, prison
    Level 5
    Pickpocket, arsonist, burglary, prosecution, criminal, mugging, police, vandal

    Level 1
    Cactus, hostile, landscape, terrain, oasis, arid, sunlight, barren, dust, scorpion
    Level 2
    Arabian, lizard, dry, patagonian, nocturnal, snake, hot, caravan, gobi, heat, thirst
    Level 3
    Solar, erosion, wildflower, temperature, thorn, sandstorm, environment, mirage
    Level 4
    Dune, australia, shade, palm, sahara, dromedary, kalahari, climate, camel, parched
    Level 5
    Sidewinder, succulent, nomad, sun, tumbleweed, vulture, reptile, coyote, drought

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